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Host recruiting events of any size

We’ll help screen and schedule candidates for your in-person interviews so you can make all your hires in a single day. 

Need to conduct interviews virtually? Check out Indeed Hiring Platform.

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  1. For events big and small

    Quickly fill multiple jobs from a single hiring event.

  2. Automate the busywork

    We help you screen and schedule candidates so you can save time.

  3. Seamlessly integrated

    Sponsor your event on Indeed to drive even more traffic to your event page.

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A hiring event is a dedicated day for interviewing

It’s like a one-company job fair but smaller and more personal. Indeed Hiring Events cuts the number of steps in the traditional recruiting funnel in half and automates tasks that take up nearly 33% of your day.*

* Source: Indeed survey, N=1,000
  1. You tell us your hiring needs

    We’ll ask you some questions to help build your event page.

  2. We help promote your event

    We’ll showcase your job on Indeed and collect RSVPs.

  3. We help screen attendees

    You provide screener questions for candidates to answer before they RSVP.

  4. You hit your hiring goals

    Meet with candidates, conduct interviews and make hires on the spot.

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