Hiring Insights reports

Insights to make your jobs more competitive.

Generate your report

Find out how you compare to the competition

Identify top competitors for the talent you’re trying to hire, view similar job listings and evaluate salary ranges.

See what attracts your ideal candidates

View potential candidates and the search terms they use so you can optimize your job descriptions.

Visualize labor market data and trends

Use interactive charts to view how markets are changing over time. Easily share reports in PDF format.

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How can I access Hiring Insights?

Hiring Insights reports are available to all employers globally.

Is this available in my area?

Hiring Insights reports are available in 27 markets globally. Contact your sales representative to see if they’re available in your market.

Where does the data come from?

Data for Hiring Insights reports are distilled from Indeed’s internal data. Our database consists of 200 million resumes and 25 million jobs worldwide. Reports are personalized to your jobs.

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