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The Work Happiness Score is a new data set visible on Indeed Company Pages, similar to company reviews and ratings. Our hope is that these insights help lead people to better jobs and ultimately, better lives.

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Fueled by the world’s largest study of work happiness2021 Data, Based on number of survey responses globally

How people feel at work - and why

Guided by leading happiness and well-being experts, Indeed Work Happiness data displays the key dimensions that contribute to well-being at work: belonging, inclusion, flexibility, trust, appreciation, growth, feeling manager support, fair pay, flexibility, energy, satisfaction, stress-free, accomplishment, and a sense of purpose.

Sharing this openly helps job seekers better understand what it’s really like to work at a company. It also helps employers understand how their employees actually feel and empowers them to build a happier workplace and stronger employer brand.


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A sample Company Page on Indeed's website with a Work Happiness score displayed on the company snapshot. Listed below the Work Happiness Score are other dimensions of happiness, starting with Flexibility and Purpose.

Drivers of work happiness that we measure.

Icon of three people symbolizing feeling a sense of belonging at work.


Icon of a trophy cup symbolizing feeling appreciated at work.


Icon of a hand holding a heart shape symbolizing feeling a sense of inclusion at work.


Icon of a round life-preserver symbolizing feeling supported at work.


Icon of a bullseye board with an arrow in the middle symbolizing feeling purpose at work.


Icon of a lighting bolt symbolizing feeling energized at work.


Icon of a lightbulb symbolizing opportunities to learn at work.


Icon of a mountain with a flag at the top symbolizing achievement at work.


Icon of a closed padlock with a checkmark symbolizing feeling trust at work.


Icon of a clock symbolizing flexible work hours.


Icon of a credit card/money symbolizing fair compensation at work.


Icon of a person doing meditation symbolizing a lower stress work environment.


Icon of a hand showing a thumbs up symbolizing satisfaction at work.


Icon of a handshake symbolizing manager support at work.

Manager Support

Icon of a sun symbolizing the idea of happiness at work.


  • 5.5M happiness surveys completed, and counting
  • 77% of job seekers say work happiness is important when considering a future employerIndeed Workplace Happiness Report, a commissioned study (n=4,033 US adults) conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Indeed, 2021.
  • 92% of people report happiness at work affects their mood at homeIndeed Workplace Happiness Report, a commissioned study (n=4,033 US adults) conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Indeed, 2021.

Research has shown that happiness is a cause of success: happier people receive more positive reviews, are more productive, creative, earn higher incomes, and are less likely to burn out or be absent from work. Happier people are also more likely to get and keep jobs.

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Vice-Chair University of California, Riverside
Photo of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Vice-Chair of the University of California, Riverside.

You can spend millions on hiring a more diverse workforce… but if you don't focus on creating an inclusive environment in which they can thrive, why would they stay?

LaFawn Davis VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Indeed
Photo of LaFawn Davis VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Indeed.

Our research has shown that happiness at work increases productivity and performance. Beyond financial metrics, companies should also look at employee wellbeing metrics — after all, we treasure what we measure.

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel de Neve, Professor of Economics at Saïd Business School University of Oxford
Photo of Dr. Jan-Emmanuel de Neve, Professor of Economics at Saïd Business School University of Oxford.
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Recognized by Fortune and Fast Company

The Work Happiness Score: 
A world-changing idea

We built the Indeed Work Happiness Score to help people discover happier workplaces and to inspire employers to cultivate environments where people can thrive. But it’s not just us – both Fortune and Fast Company have recognized the impact our work happiness research can have on society. 

Fortune named us a 2021 Change the World Award winner* –  an honor given to companies tackling unmet needs in society. We were also recognized as a finalist by Fast Company for their 2021 World Changing Ideas award which salutes innovations that improve society and the planet.

*From Fortune. ©2021 Fortune Media IP Limited. All rights reserved. Used under license. Fortune and Fortune Media IP Limited are not affiliated with, and do not endorse the products or services of, Indeed.

Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2021 badge and Fortune Change the World 2021 badge.

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What is the thought process behind the Work Happiness Score?

The Work Happiness Score evaluation methodology has been developed with the guidance of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky (Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Vice Chair, University of California, Riverside), and Dr. Jan Emmanuel de Neve (Associate Professor of Economics and Strategy at Said Business School, University of Oxford)

How is the Work Happiness Score calculated?

The Work Happiness Score measures how people feel at work. It is a happiness metric based on the response to the statement: “I feel happy at work most of the time”. There are several additional dimensions, or key drivers of work well-being, which make up a company’s Work Happiness Report. These additional dimensions are calculated in the same manner and are also included on the employer’s company page.

When does a Work Happiness Score appear, and how?

The Work Happiness Score is available on an employer’s Indeed Company Page once respondents have completed at least 20 surveys for that company (10 in the UK and Canada). When enough surveys are completed, the Work Happiness Score and Work Happiness Report will automatically appear on the page. There are five different emojis and each corresponds to a certain data range in response to the question “I feel happy at work most of the time”.


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