Disability Inclusion and Accessibility at Indeed

Indeed believes in the power of human potential and strives to remove barriers that prevent employers from accessing talent. Our first steps towards disability inclusion include creating an accessible experience for all people who use our website.

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Accessibility is an essential component of our mission

We are in a continual state of education, evaluation, and evolving our processes and offerings to be more inclusive. With our combination of subject matter experts and employees who are willing to share their lived experiences, we move forward with empathy, an appreciation of the intersectionality experienced, and the desire to improve lives.

Indeed is committed to helping all people find jobs, and accessibility is an essential component of our mission.

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More than a checklist

Indeed follows the internationally accepted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defined requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Since we follow a WCAG 2.1, AA standard, our offerings continually strive to meet the needs of all people as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508.

To best support accessible development practices at Indeed, we have created company-specific digital accessibility standards. These standards clearly prescribe how Indeed interprets success criteria for WCAG and include compliance expectations guided by Indeed-specific use cases. All positioned to help keep our focus on the people who use our platform.

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Our team at Indeed recognizes that inclusive experiences cannot be defined by a checklist. We do more. Indeed takes the following measures to enhance disability inclusive and accessibility practices in our workplaces, materials, and products:

  • Consider both technical accessibility and user experience throughout our internal policies.
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our teams throughout the organization.
  • Assign clear accessibility targets and responsibilities for each team as opportunities for improvement arise.
  • Drive disability awareness and pride throughout our organization.

Assistive technologies

Indeed products support the following browser/screen reader combinations:

  • For Windows: JAWS with Chrome, NVDA with Chrome.
  • For Mac: VoiceOver with Safari.
  • For iOS: VoiceOver with Safari.
  • For Android: Talkback with Chrome.

This list is based on industry research and user data. We also test our products and services with a wide variety of browser and keyboard settings.

A dark hair bearded man with closed eyes listening intently to his phone and the program he uses as an aid

At our hosted events

Indeed prioritizes a positive experience for everyone who chooses to participate in our hosted events. We strive to be inclusive, which means we are also committed to accessibility.

Indeed’s hosted events are committed to:

  • Provide an accessible event website, guided by WCAG 2.1 AA standards.
  • Provide machine captioning and/or automated live transcriptions for online presentations.
  • Indeed will seek assurances that buildings where we host in-person events meet local governmental regulations for accessible design.
  • Provide water bowls and relief areas for service animals at in-person events.
  • Provide extended time between sessions at in-person events to allow attendees to move from one room to another.


People use sensory pods at an Indeed FutureWorks event
  • For in-person events with an anticipated duration of greater than four hours, we will provide at least one reduced sensory room for attendees or speakers who may need a break from stimulation. This will be a quiet space; phone calls and meetings will be prohibited in this room.
  • Selecting after-hours activities at in-person events that include inclusive opportunities.
  • Providing hallway seating for long hallways at in-person events for those who may need to stop between sessions.
  • Providing an at-event point-of-contact for questions or additional services if available.
A close-up of a sign asking for feedback at an Indeed-hosted event for job seekers

With considered notice, our team will make every effort to attain the following services.

  • Sign language interpreters.
  • Speech-to-text apps or devices.
  • Braille or braille-friendly digital versions of conference materials provided by Indeed (as appropriate).
  • Other services.

While we cannot account for every user’s needs with the list above, other services may be available upon request. Our team is committed to a positive and inclusive experience of each attendee, and we will make every effort to meet needs that are brought to our attention.

Requesting accessibility services for Indeed-hosted events

We want to make your participation in our events a positive experience. If you request accessibility services, please be sure to indicate:

  • The type of service requested.
  • The duration requested (for a multi-day event).
  • Any specifics we should be aware of when meeting this need.
  • A possible alternative should the specific request be unavailable for any reason.

Please visit the website for the event you’re participating in for contact information.

An attendee examines a product at an Indeed event

Your perspective matters

We value your feedback on the accessibility of Indeed. Please let us know about your experience on Indeed, especially if you encountered accessibility barriers.

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