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Bank Of America

if you have bad credit you can't work in the bank?

anyone know if they well find out that you have bad credit they well disqualified you ?

48 14 minutes ago Linda Ward in Los Angeles, California
Norfolk Southern

Training in GA for conductor, what do we expect?

What do we expect during training? How many days of the week? Hours? Test? Hotels? What do they do after school hours and weekends? ...

2760 3 hours ago Drob40 in Chesapeake, Virginia

Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve

I have gone through the online assesment and phone interview, received the congratulations and am now waiting for the face to face interview. Has...

7599 4 hours ago Wannafly
Bank Of America

Background Check TimeFrame

Hey all! I've been reading this forum constantly for the past few days. 9/9 I filled out the online application. 9/18 I was then selected to do...

45 8 hours ago FA GUY in Stone Park, Illinois

Sadly Deceived

Macy's is very Deceptive in the way they conduct business. You apply for a job or jobs, you get an interview, and then your told that those...

67 8 hours ago Nick Dere in Torrance, California
Norfolk Southern

Management Trainee Program

Has anyone ever participated in the Norfolk Southern Management Trainee Program? If so, what is it like? How much do they offer for relocation...

1039 8 hours ago railroadnewbie in nowhere
Northrop Grumman

Under consideration with NG

I applied for a job with NG and almost immediately the status said "under consideration by recruiter". The following morning it changed to "under...

70 11 hours ago flip21 in Redding, California

Toyota Hiring Process

I have completed stage one and received a letter to come back for stage two.This is a full days work. I beleive that it is work simulation...

12329 15 hours ago Jeff in Barrie, Ontario
Grand Strand Regional Medical Center


If i received the pre screening notice and certification request for the work opportunity credit. Does that mean their going to call you for a...

0 17 hours ago Daneisha Hallum in Marion, South Carolina
Dollar General

Hiring packet

The manager at dollar general said the hiring packet was sent to my email. Never received it. Need to know how to retrieve it

1 18 hours ago Kelly Bateman in Alma, Arkansas

Pre-Employment Drug Test?

I went to an Amazon Fulfillment Job Fair back in March of this year, and at the end we took mouth swab drug tests. I then recieved an email...

6 23 hours ago Beasalino916 in Antelope, California
UnitedHealth Group

UHG background and drug test

Hi, I recently received a verbal offer for UHG. I had a question about the drug test. How soon does the drug test have to be taken? I know some...

259 1 day ago Presitgious Paper in Kingston, Pennsylvania
Home Depot

Does HD allow Husband and wife to work in the same Location

My wife and I have always worked for the same Company. We would like to keep it that way. Any chance HD would hire a married team, in their 50's?

2 1 day ago Justin young Hammond LA in Thonotosassa, Florida

Not What was expected!

I have been lurking on this site for quite some time, ever since my husband started applying for Boeing jobs last July. He has applied for 5 jobs and...

25 1 day ago mkaz80 in Florida


I have spoken with the Manpower Recruiter a number of times over last two months ... I initially responded to an ad for an Experienced Executive...

8 1 day ago Melissafrancies@*****.***
Safelink Wireless

How to get a job at Safelink Wireless.

Do you work at Safelink Wireless? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

27 1 day ago ElizabethMatthew in Wellsville, New York
U.S. Bank

Have a conditional offer pending background check

Hello everyone... I need help! I received an offer from us bank and chase as a teller but I am scared because I have a domestic violence misdemeanor...

15 1 day ago Frank in Minneapolis, Minnesota
U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank Pre-Employment Background Check

I recently was offered a "conditional offer of employment" this is pending a background check, drug test, etc. I just had a question regarding that...

28 1 day ago Frank in Minneapolis, Minnesota
State Farm

How to get a job at State Farm.

Do you work at State Farm? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

132 1 day ago Jae dearest in Woodstock, Georgia

Do Not work for this company.

I was hired a few months back at Target. I was on the Logistics team. I turned down an interview at another company ( mistake )for Target as...

35 2 days ago Juice in Spring, Texas
Southwest Airlines



765 2 days ago Deborah in Edmond, Oklahoma
Marva Maid Dairy

How to get a job at Marva Maid Dairy.

Do you work at Marva Maid Dairy? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

1 2 days ago Carlton Colding in White Plains, Maryland
JPMorgan Chase

Jpmorgan hiring status

I am curious about a job I applied for a JP Morgan. I did the interview and my application status was changed to final candidate the same day (this...

4 2 days ago MSatori in Washington, District of Columbia
JPMorgan Chase

JP MORGAN CHASE Hiring process

Hi guys, I'm now in interview process of Chase. Just wondering, how long does the process usually take and how many interviews are there ? It is a...

8 2 days ago MSatori in Washington, District of Columbia
JPMorgan Chase

pay stubs and w2 request

JPMorgan Chase internal recruiter is asking for last two pay stubs and the W2 that cover all years of employment with current employer AFTER giving...

1 2 days ago MSatori in Washington, District of Columbia
Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable hiring process

If anybody wants to know about background checks and/or the hiring process for TWC your reading the right forum. If you have ANY pending charges...

72 2 days ago NeedAJob41 in Columbia, South Carolina
Trinity Abstract, LLC

What's the company culture at Trinity Abstract, LLC?

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Trinity Abstract, LLC? Are people dressed in business casual,...

1 2 days ago Tara in Islip Terrace, New York

Petsmart Hiring Procedure

I have recently gone through 2 interviews at Petsmart and also gone for the drug test. I am waiting to hear from them but a job opportunity with...

12 2 days ago Sad truth in San Antonio, Texas

How long does the process take for boeing to contact you after an interview?

Hi i had a interveiw for boeing March 12, 2010 i was wondering how the process works after an interview and how long does it take for them to tell...

21 3 days ago M4sterp in Spokane, Washington
Robert Half

Tech/Industrial RECRUITERS/HR Managers - Please Respond to my Question

When listing or phone interviewing for some maintenance, programming, machinery setup jobs... Why do you always group CNC Controls and PLCs...

0 3 days ago Thomas-38911

background check and drug testing

I just really want to know if Amazon has ever hired anyone who's background contained a misdemeanor? What type of drugs do they look for in the mouth...

179 3 days ago Miranda in Riverside, California
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Background Check

Do they verify all education? College and Highschool on their background check? I am worried because my grades werent great in college.

810 3 days ago Prayinggggg!! in Los Angeles, California

Background check red flags?

Hello i was recently offered a job at boeing and now im going through the pre employment process. I am worried about my background check mainly....

47 3 days ago jhonny in Seattle, Washington
Lockheed Martin

How long is the wait really?

I interviewed at Lockheed Martin in Dallas the end of August. It was a few hours of straightforward behavioral questions, I couldn't get a read on...

58 3 days ago MicahP in Burleson, Texas
Edward Jones

BOA Credit Check?

I've just been offered an interview for a BOA position and I'm wondering if they do a credit check for this position or just a background check? I...

2 3 days ago Sincerely81 in Roanoke, Virginia
Edward Jones

Background checks for FA positions

I had some issues, stupid little misdemeanors in 98 and 99, total of 3 in a short time frame. I had totally forgot about them until it was brought...

6 3 days ago Sincerely81 in Roanoke, Virginia

target is bogus

I applied for this job. they made me take a 2 hour psych profile assessment. I interviewed with 5 different people , all who supposedly had an...

180 3 days ago Tee118O in Greensboro, North Carolina

Walmart is not the place to work

My mom has worked for walmart for 11 years she is miserable there plus she isn't even making 12 dollars an hour plus her health insurance is sky high...

275 4 days ago Guyingray overboard in Gulfport, Mississippi
Bank Of America

when will I receive my first paycheck?

Does Bank Of America pay you right or away or do they hold a check? I start next week :)

3 4 days ago DONT STRESS IT in Homestead, Florida

bather pants?

any recommendations as to what brand of pants to buy for a new groomer? all i was told is that they should be the kind pet hair doesnt stick to....

0 4 days ago swoops in Tennessee
Home Depot

Let me clear some things up

i used to be a asst. manager with Home Depot, so I have some inside insight into their workings. lets start with the union thing. i have no problems...

15 4 days ago Steve 44 in Jupiter, Florida
Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Greyhound Employee

Do not work for this company!!!! They will tell you they are going to give you a bonus and then give you the runaround to get the bonus they will...

0 4 days ago Tlady in Dallas, Texas

Son is getting the run around about receiving his last paycheck from UPS (seasonal work)

My son is 18 and took a job at UPS this December as a drivers helper. His last day was Dec 24 and he turned his uniform in on Dec 26. HE waited for...

10 4 days ago Author in Mastic, New York

Delta Customer Service Agent Ticketing/Gate (Ready Reserve) LAX location only

I recently applied for the Delta Customer Service Agent Ticketing/Gate (Ready Reserve) at LAX. I am wondering if anyone else works in this capacity...

31 5 days ago CeCe in Charlotte, North Carolina

AT&T Hire Right Background Check

I was recently offered a Customer Service Rep job at AT&T and am currently undergoing a background check. My first job that I put was verified, but I...

119 5 days ago Loveone in Vacaville, California


Most of the AFLAC positions are for contractors. You will be responsible for you own taxes, will not get benefits, and will only get paid if you...

328 5 days ago geteducated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lowes Home Improvement

No attendance issues... but requiring doc notes @ Lowe's?

Sssooo... I've worked at Lowe's for awhile and I've seen how the system works. This was a holiday weekend, so several people called out from work. ...

2 5 days ago MMM in Fernley, Nevada

KBR in iraq

I am being considered for a position as an MWR coordinator in Iraq with KBR. I want to talk with anyone who has/is working for KBR in Iraq. I need...

79 6 days ago Anwar in Lincoln, Nebraska

How long does it take Comcast to complete a background check?

I got an offer from comcast last wednesday(aug 6,2008). I even filled out new hire paperwork and information for my id. They told me the just have to...

186 6 days ago Txnri in Alpharetta, Georgia

Unrespectful treatment

I went to the orientation to work for the most exciting company as I personally order items from amazon, I was rejected at their hiring event along...

0 6 days ago Mariela in Concord, California

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