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What do you think - will 24-7 Intouch grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does 24-7 Intouch stack up against the competition?


TheMystery in Commerce City, Colorado

59 months ago

The company sucks, they are always expanding staff and hiring because they don't give a rats ass about there employees.


throwinshade in Dallas, Texas

51 months ago

As for Promotions, it gets worse. Promotions are handed to favorites, and favorites only. You basically have to be sucking up to every OM and TL just to be recognized. As for TL's, they come and go, A LOT! Recently, there have been so many that quit simply based on work load, expectations and poor salary. Who would want to work for a company where reps under you make MORE than you do per hour than your salary? OH, that's nothing! CSR II's are elevated left and right like hot cakes. Most are like I said, High School grads who think they are better than everyone. When it comes time to do their duty, they slack off. They were promoted to aid those in need of help but when they are NEEDED, they are never around! They will carry conversations away from their team, flirt with other staff and not pay attention when someone needs help. It's a shame! Mind you, Demotions work almost the same. If you are not a favorite, you will be scrutinized to the max! There is no loyalty with employees. No matter how long you work here, whether a few months or a few years, you will always be seen as a body in a chair, with a login to a station and a headset strapped to your head. I have seen more people with management experience that have proven themselves time and time again passed up for promotion or even demoted over simple things and their positions given to lower experienced individuals who are apparently better than them.


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