"FOR VETERAN ASSOCIATES": What organizational tools do you use to keep track of leads, accounts, to do's, claims, etc.?

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Anna in Chicago, Illinois

78 months ago

I've been with Aflac for almost 5 years and have 50 accounts that I serivce. Even though I have a full-time admin who I share with another agent and my DCS, it's very hard to keep organized with so many different areas to manage. I was wondering what other successful agents use to manage their marketing efforts, leads, policyholder's claims and other issues, account visits, billing, to do's, etc.

This is what I corrently use:

We have a system that we use to manage leads. Each lead has it's own sheet of paper where you can keep track of date and time of calls/ visits and take notes. All leads are in a binder that has tabs 1-31. Each lead is placed under day that you will be "moving it forward".
For example, you call ABC company and receptionist tells you that owner will be back in few days on 1/13. You take that lead and move it to tab "13". When 1/13 comes and you open that tab, you know that you have to call ABC compnay again after reading the notes from the notes you left before.

Problem: I am trying to be more efficient with my time and find a way to search all leads that I am working on by area, so that when I have a clinet visit or an appointment, I can also plan to visit thous other leads in the same area. (I have about 400 leads)


Most claims are sent directly to me and I forward them to my admin, but then it's hard to keep track of the process to make sure policyholder (ph) gets paid in full. My admin will call ph back and leave a message, but then if ph doesn't respond, it's a lot to keep track of. Then when that claimant calls me back 4 wks later because his claim didnt get paid, I have to ask my admin what happened and he tells me that ph never called him back.

Does anyone have a good way of keeping track of all claims and their progress? And even better if you can link those ee's to specific accts, so that when you go back for open enrollment you know exactly who got paid and where you might have an issue...


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