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qadirtokhi in Yuba City, California

63 months ago

Hi everyone i applied for the premises technician job on Feb 10, 2013, i had my interview and passed, i got an email saying this:
(You will be placed in a pool with other applicants who have qualified on this assessment. If you are identified as the most qualified for a future position, an AT&T Staffing Manager will be in contact with you.)
what does this mean? my job status on att says awaiting department review, and another one says awaiting HR review, how long does this take? who should i call?


PremTech in Riverside, California

60 months ago

Items you have met all of the qualifications and now you get to play the waiting game. It can take quite a while to hear back if you haven't already. Be patient, if they haven't called to say your not getting hired than eventually you will get the job when a position opens up.


tired in Winston Salem, North Carolina

59 months ago

Hope you have better luck than me. AT&T usually drags their feet. They strung me along for over six months - had me drive over an hour away twice to take tests, and again for a "group interview". HR would call every few weeks asking if I was still available, but could not answer any questions about when they would make a decision. Then HR called and said they wanted me to fill an opening in another town, only to call two days later to say they wanted me in my home town, only to call again a few days later wanting me in yet another town... but never committing to anything.

I got another job. Two weeks later ATT&T HR called again with another roundy-round inquiry and I told them to withdraw my application. They were flabbergasted that I was turning them down and didn't understand that six months of run-around was not professional.


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