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Rad in Kansas City, Missouri

80 months ago

Applied back in July. Contacted a month later to take test and passed. Contacted a month later for a manager interview and over view of position requirements. Told I would be contacted by that following friday. Ended up finally getting an HR person to tell me there were no slots open but I did get through the manager interview. To be patient. Nothing till the first week of Nov. Then asked to take a drug test and physical. You would think I had applied to be in the Marines or something like that.
The drug test was not standard. In depth for sure which was fine till they started asking about by sugar level. No illegal drugs just sugar level! So I get through that and head for the physical strength evaluation. This is what I'm talking about. Bootcamp military style sit ups. 14 in 60 seconds. Did anyone have to do this style sit ups during this evaluation? This is why they dont allow you to join the service if your over 35 years old I guess. I havent heard back from them but I couldnt do it. I could only do 6 of this style sit up. Passed all the other steps and had no problems lifting the required weigh of 80 pounds.
Normal sit ups at home, I could do 15 in that time. So my HR contact said she would look into it and get back to me. She has not yet. I think this and the pole climbing is how they eliminate older applicants before they take them for training and classes begin.
I know I can do the job for them. But I must say, If they expect me to do sit ups like this on the job before I install a system, I dont want it.
I'm still feeling the after effects. Might even be damaged from it.
I also needed the position back in July when I applied not 3 months later!


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