Unfinished phone interview, how do I contact the recruiter?

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Iwantajobrightnow in Houston, Texas

84 months ago

I think I messed up. I applied to AT&T recently for the retail sales position, I was called today but the phone number was "unknown". I don't have the name or number of the person who interviewed me. When she started asking me during the interview when was a time I used customer service skills to deal with a customer, that's when the service cut off.

I called my local AT&T in Huntsville, and was told I can't just call the AT&T in Houston, but that it's a different corporate division. I'm hoping MAYBE I will get called tomorrow, but I'm sure they won't dwell on just one potential employee, and I wasn't called after my phone call was cut off during the interview, so I doubt I'll be able to continue the interview. I was wondering if there is ANY WAY to contact the recruitment headquarters in Houston, TX, to show them that I am interested in the position?


Cheryl Porter in Thousand Oaks, California

73 months ago

How did you answer this person's question about finding the recruiter he/she spoke to after the call got dropped?


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