tried to get a job at at&t, didn't work out, what's the chances of a 2nd interview?

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pearljam79 in Savannah, Georgia

47 months ago

So the other day i handed in my resume (in person) to an AT&T store manager, got an email 10 mins later telling me to do an interview...
I do the interview and think I did a good job, but a few hours later i get an email telling me that they chose someone else.

I have over 4 years of experience selling cell phones, and tried to answer the questions as concise as possible, and give examples...
The manager would ask questions like
"when have you had a problem with an employee and what did you do to resolve it," or "when was the last time you were spoken to by a manager about a problem, and what did you do to fix it?"

I gave her both examples of specific people, and what happened afterwards, and did this for all questions, including (in my eyes) a good sales pitch for selling a phone...
Anyways, i called her to follow up and she told me that i answered the question too quickly, and didn't give good examples at the end...

I told her that i stayed up a few hours each night practicing answers/examples given online (which is why i'm so quick), and that some questions she asked me are based upon experiences I've never had (since i have good employees and don't get told what to do, i know how to do my job)

On my lunch break i found another AT&T job locally that was posted today and i applied for it...
what are the chances of me going back for an interview (do managers usually do that?), and what should i do from here?

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