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hopeless after 20 some years

Updated 23 days ago


I've decided to give up I guess your life ends when your 19 and that's it! no way to be forgiven no way to show anyone that you have learned from...

afanticy in Memphis, Tennessee

Adecco is BullCrap!!!!!!!!

I worked for this company for 1yr and 5 months. I had a medical condition that had me miss work alot. The supervisor Teresa told me to bring a doctor...

Melody in Fresno, California

Updated 7 months ago

The Evils of Temp Agencies - 5 Replies

I started this forum to discuss the current increasing trend in the United States for employers to hire temporary employees through temporary...

TheBestEeveelution in Dover, Delaware

Updated 11 months ago



bajaskier in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Updated 16 months ago

Adecoo experience - 12 Replies

I spent over 3 hours testing with Adecco over 2 months ago and received one phone call for a "next day, one day" assignment and nothing since then. ...

I give up in Birmingham, Alabama

Charter Communications Rejection Letter

I have applied to two different jobs with Charter Spectrum. One was over five years ago and the other was recently. Both mangers promised me they...

Why in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Adecco won't send me out on a job assignment. They say that I'm in good standing but when I ask about jobs that are constantly open, they never get...

Steve in Granada Hills, California

Adecco embezzled over $3000.00 from my 401k acount.

I logged into my Wells Fargo 401k last week and it was empty. Adecco stole all the money out of my 401k account... No kidding. They also didn't...

Suniesha in Washington

Updated 19 months ago

I don't know what you all are bitching about... - 8 Replies

I've only been working with Adecco for 7 months, have been paid for holidays, been paid on time weekly, and not only that, I'm getting hired by the...

WLM in Toronto, Ontario


This deliberate ploy or careless oversight by agencies to place their location in the job location field, is a nuisance of a new trend!

Sophie77069 in Houston, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Employment agencies in general are a joke - 3 Replies

All employment agencies in general are a joke when it comes to helping candidates search for the right jobs. They rarely have the proper training to...

Amber in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 28 months ago

Adecco Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 3 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Adecco? What do you like best about working at Adecco? ...

KP in Springfield, Ohio

Updated 28 months ago

adecco - 1 Reply

Adecco is full of sh..!!! I went there several months ago.I was up front with them about a felony from 2010.I was told that as long as it has been...

JohnClark45 in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Addeco asked for my social security number. Should I be worried? - 15 Replies

I made an account on their site and someone called and told me to take a test on their site. I did then called them to make an appointment to come...

Eric in Port Jervis, New York

Insane Test!?!?

I just took the most insane pre-employment test in my life. I can't quote all ofthe questions cause the test was timed and I was so blown away that I...

Mlorna56 in Whittier, California

Nice on West Coast... Collins on the East Coast

While on the West Coast Adecco staff was very spportive. Hoever, had to relocate to Florida and my experiences: cold-hearted staff and hard to get...

hfklvein in San Francisco, Alberta

Updated 43 months ago

Lean Manager: Ohio - 1 Reply

My name is Jake Bennett and I'm an engineering recruiter with CST. My client is a Fortune 500 company. The job profile is as follow: This position...

Stl in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 46 months ago

Some Good Advice for a Lousy Industry - 109 Replies

Stay FAR FAR FAR FAR did I mention FAR away from Adecco! If you are new to consulting, temping or a seasoned pro you must know by now that...

Miserable in Sunnyvale, California

What the hell just happened?

Got a call from Adecco regarding a job I had applied to. Great! I missed the agent's name. She wanted me to make some adjustments to my resume and...

UnemployedinCT in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Connecticut

Adecco- Stratford CT

Just got jerked around. Spent 2 hours testing online, was called and told I did well, "come in and fill out some paperwork and bring ID and we will...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 66 months ago

Temp To Hire Jobs Do Not Lead To Permanent Hire - 1 Reply

Having already attempted to post in the reviews section and being shut down due to "inappropriate language", I am posting here in the hopes that...

Dan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 67 months ago

Addeco asked for my social security number. Should I be worried? - 2 Replies

I made an account on their site and someone called and told me to take a test on their site. I did then called them to make an appointment to come...

Cindy in Tampa, Florida

Updated 68 months ago

Adecco in Tampa - Data Entry - 5505 West Cypress - 2 Replies

It seems like all Adecco ( in Tampa ) has had in the last few months is Data Entry work for New York Life. I'm a little burned on data entry for...

ss19 in Maryland

Adecco - Washington DC Metro area

I recently applied to be a merchandiser in the Washington DC area through Adecco, and they contacted me rather quickly saying they had an opportunity...

Stephanie in Ridgewood, New York

Updated 74 months ago

Adecco fighting my unemployment claim to the end - 6 Replies

I was employed by them for a few months. That assignment ended, and I called in diligently for the next 8 weeks!! asking for work. Nothing,...

f3ri1 in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 78 months ago

Anyone has experiences with Adecco in Ottawa? - 2 Replies

Anyone has any experiences with Adecco in Ottawa? I heard some bad things about Adecco and the vibe that Adecco gave me was bad. I would like to work...

aria in San Francisco, California

Updated 93 months ago

adecco/magic workforce - 2 Replies

I've never been this confused in my life. Couple weeks ago i applied online for a position as a retail sales rep. I immediately get a phone call from...

leestork@*****.*** in Providence, Rhode Island

Updated 94 months ago

Xpert testing - 5 Replies

Can anyone tell me what the Xpert testing covers?

Lillywhite in Kinston, North Carolina

Adecco Branch Manager Used Me!

The branch manager in New Bern used me to get my contacts in Kinston. She pretended to make me a job offer but she was asking about my clients. She...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 98 months ago

Adecco Stamford CT - Unreasonable to work for - 1 Reply

All, Have you ever spoken to Phyllis at Adecco in Stamford Connecticut? She speaks to people like she is doing them a favor and seems to be very...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Recieving Strange Calls for Assignents from Adecco and Other Staffing Agencies

Have any of you guys receive calls from Adecco or any other staffing agency for really wierd and crazy assignments? Well here's mine. Yesterday,...

kcommon in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 100 months ago

How to get a job at Adecco. - 4 Replies

Do you work at Adecco? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

JHolbrook in Evansville, Indiana

Adecco - definitely not the worst

I don't know about where most of the people on this forum live but where I live, Adecco is the best temp agency out there. They are the only one to...

TinaToronto in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 106 months ago

adecco - 1 Reply

so many news about Adecco going on. for me there good. they got me a job within 24 hrs. i got some issues about my pay check, they promise me a call...

TinaToronto in Toronto, Ontario

Adecco Canada

Adecco over here is the worst. I get a call from them with regards to a full-time opportunity prospect. When I went to meet with them I find out...

bkevin007 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Updated 114 months ago

I worked for them and these are my thoughts - 4 Replies

They work more for there clients than they do their employees. They receive a high mark-up while paying wages that are below fair market standards....

DTP2323 in Belleville, Illinois

Updated 115 months ago

Adecco News and Happenings. - 3 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

JSJC in Vancouver, British Columbia


I'm from BC in Canada and I was wondering if anyone have any experience with the richmond, vancouver or delta branch. Thank you

Mad Terps in Ottawa, Ontario

Anyone has experiences with Adecco in Ottawa?

Anyone has any experiences with Adecco in Ottawa? I heard some bad things and the vibe that Adecco gave me was bad. I would like to work with the...

naomimb in Danbury, Connecticut

Updated 125 months ago

Corning, Inc. Pay Rates for Mechanical Design Engineer/CAD Design - 1 Reply

Can anybody comment in general about what Adecco pays for Mechanical Design Engineers and CAD Designers at Corning, Inc. and what Corning, Inc. pays...

Someone in Nashua, New Hampshire


This one girl in the office, now all she talks about is her engagement. Bring your ear plugs.

chippy in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

Updated 133 months ago


I keep reading all these bad things about adecco...they actually found me a great job,,,she worked hard on it....but i chose an opportunity i thought...

STU PEDDASO in Saint Louis, Missouri



The Truth in Burlington, Connecticut

This Company and their client

Houghton Mifflin is a loser company. They are loaded with problems.......The company is out of control...........HR is a waste of time........ Sta...

R.B. in Houston, Texas

Time to be realistic about these Staffing Agencies

It's sad companies choose Staffing Agencies to do their recruiting process thus leaving our resumes/credentials in the hands of unprofessional...

Leo in Muscatine, Iowa

Center Less Grinders

Are there any center less grinders in the Muscatine, IA area looking for employment?

densie in Albany, New York

employment agencies

you can apply and reapply and no response to a resume--- I have had no luck with any agency. Sorta disappointing and turned off by all--- I guess if...

Lisa Lisa in New Orleans, Louisiana

Golden Acquisitions

These people are full of shit!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! They are door to door salesmen selling services for BEllsouth. Do not be fooled by the...

Eileen in Goffstown, New Hampshire

Updated 139 months ago

Call Backs - 5 Replies

has anyone recieved a call or contact from Adecco, after applying for a job? I have applioed to maybe 12 jobs over the past 3 months and even called...

Specially Ifiniti job finders!!!& all in Longwood, Florida

Updated 139 months ago

Forget about Employment Agencies and Recruiting Firms - 4 Replies

If you want to waste your time and energy to enroll, be tested and sit and wait for a call that is never going to come......go to a recruiting...

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