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Glenn from Arizona

87 months ago

I worked for Advantage Sales for 1yr on the Small outlet team that covered Mars/Wrigleys.
My route included over 300 stores to do in my cycle.
This came out to be 8 stores per day with only 6 hrs. per day or total of 27 hrs. per week. We were also told that we had any where from 35-55 mins to do each store. Then it was changed to 20 mins per store but they wanted everything done in that time. This was not capable with the time given. I also drove at least 35 or more miles per day and needed to drive to these places. I was under Alvin system. And if you know this system it was bad.
I started with mileage amount of $17.60 per day then it went down to $16.70 and by the time i was laid off it was down to $7.40 per day or just below .14 cents per mile. The goverment gives $.50 per mile.
When I complainted it only took about two months with the new manager to let me go.I also started my job everyday doing my downloads,then going home on my own time to do my nightly downloads which i never was paid for....

Now I applied for Unemployment and now I was told Advantage said i was discharged. But I was told I was being laid off. So now I may not get any money .
I think this lawyer should also try to get mileage money for all of us.


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Homeless in Gainesville, Florida

48 months ago

I only lasted 6 months due to the ridiculous reimbursement policy in place at ASM. Started out @ .36 per mile changed to .31 per mile after a few months. In the beginning company didn't pay the first&last 20 miles per day and first/last 30 minutes of clock time. They changed the policy to 40 miles first/last and 1 hr f/l clock time.
As a part-time employee (24 hrs wk) my store count was increased from 22 to 31 and most of my stores 70%) were more than 50 miles from home. I lost about $30.00 a week in gas money plus another 3-4 hours of paid time. These 3rd party vendor/merchandising companies have totally ruined this industry and the decent paying jobs that use to exist. Prior to this position I worked directly for the manufactures and made a decent living ($36,000-$40,000 yr + company car)ASM and all of the other merchandising groups pay Walmart wages but expect Neiman Marcus quality. Welcome to the future and the Wally World mentality.

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