Great Workplaces in Maryland

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1 Smart Lady in Boring, Maryland

133 months ago

I am looking for a great workplace in Baltimore, Maryland. Not a good workplace A GREAT WORKPLACE. Who can tell me of companies who value employee input, allow creative thinking and go out of their way to follow up if employees, at any level, submit good ideas for improvement. Breifly tell your story, what attracted you, how you got in and where you are now. I am looking for average Joe or Joan success stories not those who spent a fortune to get a MA or BS PhD stories. Those folks paid for their jobs with a very high price and kudos to you but that won't help me. I am a baby boomer, older and smarter than a lot of those with these so called degrees!



Susan Helfenstein in Houston, Texas

132 months ago

What type of industry are you in?


Randi Howell in Baltimore, Maryland

132 months ago

Thank you for your response. For conversational purposes, here is a little about me and what direction I am interested in going for my future work.

Industry is not as important as the corporate environment or job function. I am versitile and have adapted in harsh, confusing environments to make them workable. I recently have worked very hard in the telecommunications (site development)field for a period of time and earned very high honors for my orgainizational work to manage records, project and time shedules and personnel issues. I experienced a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. I get my satisfaction from overcomming daily challenges from many different directions and enjoy being creative and resourceful and involving others to their fullest potential to acheive solutions. I am a positive thinker, evaluator, initator and action responsive. I have been known for my ability to think outside of the box and personally don't care for boxes as they are very confining and do not allow for freedom and growth. I am currently evaluating other potential lines of endeavor where my talents can be immediately applicable and useful without starting over from the bottom. Life's lessons and acheivements are only gained with progress not retracing the same steps over and over. I am looking for an office administration (office manager), auditor of internal process and function, safety inspector, organizational consultant for messy workplaces to make them great, corporate trainer or human relations not exactly a payroll position. Do you know of a place that can use a person like me?


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