workplace retaliation

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BobsJob in Cincinnati, Ohio

131 months ago

Workplace retaliation is REAL. Here is a story of a hard working, successful manager, who had his career ruined by a retaliating "executive":

Bob is a middle manager overseeing several managers. One of Bob's managers tells Bob that he feels that Bob's boss, "Dick" was discriminating against him because he is African American. Bob exhausts his efforts in getting "Dick" to address the employee's concerns. "Dick" promises to talk to the employee, three weeks pass, "Dick" still has not addressed the complaint. The employee, sends a letter to the CEO. "Dick" literally interrogates Bob and then sets Bob up to take the fall for "Dick's" apparent discrimination. "Dick", being quite "The Thinker", takes comments and situations out of context and proceeds to launch a character attack on Bob. After a six month period of berating Bob at every opportunity, "Dick" fires Bob under the pretense of Bob having made "derogatory racists comments". Of course, Bob did no such thing, but what a great cover for "Dick", the offending racist!!! The moral of this story? When you work for "Dick" you will be the one who "gets it". Beware the accuser. Workplace retaliation is real and is more prevalent when the retaliator is the guilty party.


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