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Updated 11 days ago

$16 dollars an hour is not a living wage - 135 Replies

[QUOTE who="iamrobbieeee in Plano, Texas"]I completely understand what you're saying. But, at the cost of living $16.00 a hour is not booming money...


Updated 1 month ago

I Never Knew Temp Agencies Were Deceptive - 5 Replies

I have used agencies in the past whenever I have been between jobs and I have never had any issues with obtaining immediate employment. Although,...


Updated 3 months ago

Appleone is a JOKE - Don't Waste Your Time - 59 Replies

I agree with the topic in terms of looking for a job straight out of college as an international student. They're okay when marketing you to the...

Appleone in San Diego, California

Not good

Terrible experience, these jobs posted by Appleone at such ridiculous amounts are not real. Totally unethical.

jiyang1018 in La Puente, California

Updated 9 months ago

Waist of Time to Contact Them or Register - Fake Job Listings - 435 Replies

I registered at their houston location, scored high on all of the computer tests, spent my time registering and going over my job requirements with...

Jonny in Newport Beach, California

Updated 21 months ago

AppleOne - give it a rest - 19 Replies

Not many of you seem to get the Staffing Agency system. They meet with hundreds of people a month and usually only have 10-30 full time jobs to fill...

Jonny in Newport Beach, California

Updated 21 months ago



k in Mckinney, Texas

AppleOne = Awful

Used this company to find a job. They contacted me when they found my resume online. I was reluctant to work with them because I find recruiting...

kymeetee916 in Sacramento, California

Updated 30 months ago

Have an interview - 1 Reply

Does anyone know if they drug test new hires on day of interview?

Dizzappointed in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 31 months ago

Agenies....AppleOne and Why it Truly is ROTTEN - 20 Replies

First let me tell you I am a senior manager, have an advanced degree, have worked almost exclusively -- and successfully -- for Fortune 500 companies...

Anonymous in North Hollywood, California

Updated 31 months ago

This company is a joke!! - - 32 Replies

Believe it or not, this advertisement is real. I actually got called in for an interview by AppleOne's recruiter - Jessica Brophy. It was a complete...

Due in Petersburg, Virginia

Updated 55 months ago

AppleOne Interview Questions. - 5 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Ranae Wooley in Solana Beach, California

Updated 66 months ago

Has ANYONE actually got a job thru Apple One???? - 117 Replies

They post these dream sounding ads but I don't think they exist.

Bryce in South Gate, California

Updated 67 months ago

Apple One - 1 Reply

I am registered on several job boards and Apple One contacted me.. she talked up a position and made it sound as if I was a sure hire.. now I cannot...

AppleOne Employee

Updated 68 months ago

AppleOne Addison, TX FAKE FAKE FAKE - 1 Reply

I applied online for a job they posted. The description matches my skills and experience perfectly. When you apply onlline you also have to schedule...

Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

Updated 76 months ago

Unprofessional Apple One - 24 Replies

I contacted Apple One in Tucson recently about an office position. I have been living in Europe for the past seven years - and am now returning...

fc in San Francisco, California

Updated 86 months ago

AppleOne News and Happenings. - 16 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Viviana in Reno, Nevada

Which Excel Program do they use?

I just wanted to know which excel program they use for there testing. I know its an older one, but I cant remember the year. If anyone knows can you...

Italianfun in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 96 months ago

What's the company culture at AppleOne? - 69 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at AppleOne? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Still Unemployed in Las Vegas, Nevada

Huh? (Copy of an Emailing Between Las Vegas AppleOne Rep and Myself)

If they had any jobs available, I might be worried by this, but since they don't . . . "Dear [Rep], You asked me to interview with you for an...


Updated 101 months ago



Lara 100 in Conroe, Texas

Updated 106 months ago


I am curious to know how many of you have seen a job posted with Appleone and immediately call about the job and are told the job is filled or the...

Bill in San Diego, California

Updated 107 months ago

AppleOne - 10 Replies

BS firm. Big waste of time. No jobs. No calls.

Wallis in Anaheim, California

Updated 112 months ago

HELP! Should I join AppleOne as a "Account Executive"??? - 6 Replies

I would like some advice from anyone who has previously worked at AppleOne (preferably in a Canadian office) rather than that of a contractor who has...

Staffing Guru in Somewhere out there, California

Updated 119 months ago

AppleOne Class Action Lawsuit? - 1 Reply

Never have I seen so many complaints about one staffing company, not only on this board but in many other places on the internet. I’m so fed up...

AppleOne sells emails to spammers! in San Lorenzo, California

Updated 120 months ago

looking for a job - 9 Replies

this is the first time that i am looking for a job with apple one and the first thing that i read was that apple one is crappy, that is a very bad...

pyanish in Brandon, Florida


I agree with most of the comments about staffing agencies, I have been to most of them in Tamap area with absolutley nothing to show for it. My...

Sara in LV in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 120 months ago

Apple One Facts - 2 Replies

I am thinking about signing up with Apple One for temp/contract work. There seems to be a lot of debate here as to how much you can trust Apple One...


Sam's Club

Friend recently quite a local Sam's Club after six months of working under a hostile and harassing manager. No sexual harassment, but much verbal...

Livonia in Ohio

Updated 125 months ago

Internal Jobs and Drug Testing at AppleOne - 1 Reply

Does anyone know if AppleOne drug tests THEIR employees? Like the internal workers?

mom of all boys in Los Angeles, California

part time job needed

My son is going to school I really want a part time job where is a good place to look

WorkingWounded in Bellevue, Washington

My AppleOne Experience

Before switching careers, I worked as a travel agent for several years. After a lay-off, I signed up as a temp for the AppleOne agency in Bellevue,...

Paul Anderson in Kirkland, Washington

Updated 134 months ago

Unemployment for the past 6 years - 5 Replies

Dear Apple One, I am trying to establish myself back into the work force as I have not had any stable employment for the past 6 years. I had...

DaniStJames in Los Angeles, California

Updated 135 months ago

San Diego Payroll Coordinator - Posted 07/22/07 - 1 Reply


Staffing101 in cali, California

Updated 135 months ago

For all those who complain: Please listen! - 5 Replies

If you contact the proper authorities, this crap will stop. If all you do is complain on these boards, you are not helping as you could be! For...

manpower rep in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 136 months ago

Misleading ads by ALL staffing agencies. - 1 Reply

Im registered with a staffing office that finally admitted to me in a "voice mail" that the ads in the paper are general info only. so, when the ad...

FINGUY in Ontario, California

Updated 136 months ago

AppleOne is OK - 24 Replies

As a former staffing industry rep (No not for AppleOne) I can tell you that they are OK. I have never had a problem getting work through them when...

asgrecruiter in Tampa, Florida

Updated 136 months ago

Apple One & HotGigs - 6 Replies

I attempted to post an application to Apple One, and had to go through HotGigs to even turn in the paperwork. I was thoroughly disgusted to find out...

Anonymous in Los Angeles, California

Candidate Complainers

All you people who are complaining about staffing companies- GET A GRIP! First instead of complaining, you should be out looking for a JOB! Second-...

Nonya B in Corona, California

AppleOne will bait/switch the insurance they offer

I have been at an assignment for 14 months thru AppleOne. This is my first experience with them. I was bounced from one branch to another for over a...

acctinfo in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 138 months ago

curious - 1 Reply

Why is AppleOne have such an image problem????

Senor Citason in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 138 months ago

Apple one Sticks - 3 Replies

Apple One stinks..... Their ads should not be posted. The one job that has been posted for the month is not real.

meme in Long Beach, California

never got a call

Yes, I went to Appleone after getting laid off I have 15 years of Executive Asssistant experience and my AE at appleone not found me a job yet. She...

Scott in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 138 months ago

Apple One - 2 Replies

What is going on with "ALL The Agencies" What are they looking for? You meet with them, they say that they will call you and you do not hear from...

Charlie in Jupiter, Florida

Updated 138 months ago

Apple One shoud be investigated by FBI or by the government - 1 Reply

Apple One is not real. They Are FAKE. They post up thousands of job but they never call back after an interview. once you call back, they say they...

dvnhlm in New York, New York

APPLEONE in New York .

This company is full of it. They have jobs for their 'People'.

fred garvin in Dallas, Texas

Updated 138 months ago

AppleNothing. They won't call you for jack squat! - 6 Replies

All the jobs they post are not real--they just want to lure you into their office so they can reach their quotas. Don't waste your time, they won't...

J Thomas Light in Tampa, Florida


I have never known AppleOne to get a job for anyone. They post jobs that don't exist evidently to keep busy. The office in Clearwater is very, very...

rae in Newark, New Jersey


None of the agencies call because they don't have the job openings they are listing. They not only need applicants, they also need to get companies...

Jason in Salinas, California

Updated 138 months ago

Job Postings - 6 Replies

Job posting sites really should ban temp/staffing agencies from posting any of their "job opportunities" on their sites. Temp/staffing agencies...

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