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Reapplication after receiving a status of not considered for the position

Hi everyone! I just took the virtual job tryout for a customer service representative for Bank of America. I'm assuming that I failed it since my...


Updated 8 days ago

if you have bad credit you can't work in the bank? - 50 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kimmer0802 in Howardsville, Virginia"]I have been offered a job at Bank of America for a Relationship Banker. I am excited and nervous....


Updated 11 days ago

Eligibility For Rehire Conspiracy? - 11 Replies

Hello I’m wondering , is it easy to get more hours ?? I’ve only been getting 20 for a teller position and really need more. Or could I be transfer...


Bank of America employment credit check

I need help! I was offered a position with Bank of America as a loan officer. I’m starting the background check and the credit check has me extremely...


Updated 25 days ago

No Answer - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jay in Revere, Massachusetts"]I had three interviews for a position at BOA and they never got back to me as well. I agree - a simple yes...


Updated 26 days ago

BoA pre-employment screening - 5 Replies

Did you end up getting the job?


Updated 26 days ago

Background Check TimeFrame - 54 Replies

I recently submit my background check to BOA, I worked at my previous job for 2 years and left the company but came back after 2 months and didn't...


Updated 1 month ago

Sent ASI background check aka education and employment verification Wednesday night, when received? - 3 Replies

I was hired at Bank of America's corporate location in downtown los angeles for the Trust Officer Position pending a background check. I received an...


Will Bank of America Deny Employment if I am pending Misdemeanor Petty Theft Charge

No Conviction just a charge that has a next scheduled court date for 6 months from now. Charge is a misdemeanor. Will this prevent my employment for...


Updated 1 month ago

BofA Applicant Screening Investigation (ASI) - 630 Replies

What dose an Pre-Employment Adjudication speailest do ? Dose anyone know ? Or why they would be calling me ?


Updated 1 month ago

I just recieved a call from Bank of America Staffing in regards to a position...but.. - 6 Replies

I received an email from a talent acquisition specialist 3 days ago. I emailed back 4 times with my phone number and availability per his request. ...


Updated 1 month ago

Pay Frequency For Call Centers - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="MelaniCoCo in Jacksonville, Florida"]Do they hold the first check ?[/QUOTE] I start in 2 weeks and was wondering the same thing. Do...

Anonymous06 in Greenville, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Misdemeanor convictions ?? - 14 Replies

I am currently going through the hiring process at B Of A. I have a couple class C misdemeanor convictions. What is the policy regarding hiring? Can...

Slaggamuffin in Tampa, Florida

Question about criminal background check I was hired through a contracting company. B OF A was very impressed with me and offered me a collections position. So...on the FBI...

Kaliadavis98 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

bank of america assesment test - 11 Replies

So i took the online assesment test for teller's position. and at the end of the test, i got a message saying, that unfortunately my skills don't...

Pattyu2 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 2 months ago

Hiring process - 21 Replies

Hello guys. I recently was offer a position at BOA, so if you have any questions I will answer them because I know the stress during this difficult...

FA GUY in Stone Park, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

ASI/Background Check Hope - 39 Replies

Hey Guys, It seems like the VAST majority of posts here are about the ASI that is conducted and wether such and such will get you past the brutal...

KeeB in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Updated 3 months ago

Bank Of America Interview Questions. - 119 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

MH in Portland, Oregon

Updated 3 months ago

How to get a job at Bank Of America. - 148 Replies

Do you work at Bank Of America? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

DONT STRESS IT in Homestead, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

when will I receive my first paycheck? - 3 Replies

Does Bank Of America pay you right or away or do they hold a check? I start next week :)

Dennis Lanner in Matawan, New Jersey

Updated 4 months ago

Needing additional info on Bank of America background checks.... - 19 Replies

I recently applied for BoA. Approximately 2 days after filling out my application online, I was contacted by the HR Recruiter. I did my innitial...

Author in Lodi, New Jersey

Updated 4 months ago

Background Check vs Fingerprinting - 94 Replies

recently been offerred a position within BOA. All the back round checks came back satisfactory! YEY My question is.... if you have a minor...

OkieDokie in Lawrenceville, Georgia

How long do the background checks usually take?

I got offered the job and have already done the asi and the fingerprinting, and it’s now been 2 weeks since I completed everything and they started...

Paintbrush5459 in Lexington, South Carolina

ASI results

I received results in the mail from ASI stating I was unsatisfactory due to information obtained from your disclosure. I listed this information...

Vesubide in Buffalo, New York

Updated 5 months ago

What kind of work background check does BofA do? - 625 Replies

I took over a small business my sister had started because she wanted to pursue something else in her field, but we never did any formal paperwork to...

Ja$ in Keysborough, Australia

Updated 5 months ago

If they are doing a pre-employment screening and background check, does it mean I got the job? - 4 Replies

I had my group interview then 1 on 1 interview with branch manager two days later. The manager said her specific branch is full but there are...

CooCoo in Plano, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

When they gonna call with offer - 2 Replies

Hi.. I went through the computer assessment, then phone screening and last I had one on one interview and the manager said he will call the recruiter...

Yay in California

Updated 6 months ago

How long or hard is teller training? Pass test or get fired? - 2 Replies

Passed background check, just need to do fingerprint now. They say I need to do more assessments? Already did the personality and basic math test...

StressedOut in Bucksport, Maine

Updated 6 months ago

Do I have a shot? - 1 Reply

Hello. I am currently expecting to begin employment with Bank of America starting next week. I have passed all face to face interviews, I have filled...

Amy s in Bronx, New York

Updated 9 months ago

My hiring process-ask me questions - 22 Replies

Hi everyone I recently applied with BOA and got hired and im gonna explain my hiring process plus answer anyone's questions. I applied 2/12/12 for a...

Abby in Summit, New Jersey

Updated 10 months ago

Bank of America interview process, screening etc - 16 Replies

Hey guys, I have applied for a job with BOA and just got back from my one on one interview with 3 managers on Friday! They said they will send the...

Adrich89 in San Leandro, California

Updated 10 months ago

Terminated then after investigation eligible for re-hire - 17 Replies

I was recently terminated from Bank of America and opened up a case with Advice and Counsel because I felt I was wrongfully terminated. Months after...

Shai in California

Background screening

I submitted my background check screening and I didn’t put one of the recently job that I got hired and quite after 3weeks training, they called me...

Lv220 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Updated 12 months ago

Will the recruiter still consider me.... - 1 Reply

Hi All, I applied several positions in BOA. I knew I have bigger chance to get an offer on one of the position that I applied, but I am really...

Robert in Northvale, New Jersey

Updated 13 months ago

Checked Job App Status and it Asks for SSN? - 14 Replies

I went back to the application for a status update and it's asking me to provide my social security number. I went ahead and provided it. Any know...

Jen mi in Westchester, New York

Disciplinary Action

My manager was upset with me for something super silly at work about 10 days ago and a couple of days ago, he set up a meeting with me and his...

Peter in Andover, Minnesota

Updated 14 months ago

Need phone number/contact info for BOA Human Resources Dept. - 7 Replies

My spouse works for BOA and has an employee issue that needs to be resolved but has been unable to find any contact for a human resources department,...

christy in Charlotte, North Carolina

About resign

Hi all, Once you hired in BOA, how long can you resign? or is BOA offers internal mobility? Thanks!!

Hearthorse2017 in Ocala, Florida

Updated 16 months ago

Bank Of America Teller Hiring Process from start to finish guide - 109 Replies

Hi, I recently decided to apply for a teller position for one of the branch in my area. After spending a lot of time on the forums gathering all...

Mamaburd in Glendale, Arizona

Background check

Bank involuntarily closed my account because of suspicious activity less than $1600, I was scammed. Will this prevent me from getting hired?

Mamaburd in Phoenix, Arizona

Background check

My bank permanently closed my account and I can't open any accounts for 7 years because of a bad check ($750) was deposited into my account, will...

nvraeder in Fresno, California

How can I negotiate my salary with HR?

How and what should I negotiate my hourly rate to be? Last week I interviewed on the phone, attended a group interview, and yesterday I...

nvraeder in Fresno, California


Hi does anyone know about how much the healthcare costs? My current employer pays 100% of our platinum healthcare plan and I am about to finish up...

TinaT in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 18 months ago

How to know If I passed the Assessment for Boa??? - 5 Replies

I recently applied for a personal banker position with BOA, I got an email with the link to take the assessment, I did it and it's been a week...

KB in Wilmington, Delaware

Open house

I applied for an Collections position in Aug but found they were having an Open house for a customer service position 9/15 I went to the open house...

Mika in Illinois

Updated 18 months ago

can you still get the job even with bad credit? - 5 Replies

I recently got offered a bank of america job but contingent on me passing a background and credit check. I'm not worried about the background. I am...

Gavin Stearn in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Updated 18 months ago

Does Bank of America do credit checks for employment? - 7 Replies

I am now on the step of completing my I-9 and I did my background check consent form but I read along there about credit checks? My credit is in the...

Latinnyc0@*****.*** in Tampa, Florida

Employment verification

I looked at my application which is in process and they required my social security number and I use my cell phone and it states that I complied with...

Me in New York, New York

Updated 19 months ago

HELP PLEASE!!! Bank of America offered me a Senior Auditor I role, but I have a CA Misdemeanor Conviction for Lewd Conduct - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently working for BANA in Simi Valley, CA. I took a plea deal and was convicted/guilty in CA of a misdemeanor for lewd conduct,...

Steph in La Puente, California

Bank of america bankground check

Does anyone know how long does it take after your back ground check to get a start date ?

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