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Danilo Bill in Chicago, Illinois

Where can I go from being a teller with a finance degree

I recently got offered a position as a teller at a local branch. I have a finance. Does anyone know if I can start as a teller and maybe get into a...

Alexi in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 82 months ago

How to get hired by Bank of America - 5 Replies

Hello, I would appreciate to get more information on the following. I have been applying for a Teller position in Bank of America for the past two...

Serj in Los Angeles, California

Updated 82 months ago

First Week? - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I recently got hired as a Bank of America teller and I start actually... next Monday! I was just wondering if you guys have any tips and...

123sandiego in Chula Vista, California

Starting at bank of america

Hello , well i'm starting at bank of america as a part time teller , next week . the recruiter gave me the day that i was starting but not the time...

CICM in New York, New York

any comments

I had an interview for a management role in the middle of June and wanted to know if anyone went through a similiar experience. To start, I had a...

Genvi Trinida in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Criminal Background check - 2 Replies

I am going up for a job with BOA and 4 years ago i was arrested for felony possession of marijuana. I made a deal with the court and had adjudication...

Mac in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Updated 84 months ago

Can you get hired with Bank of America with a worthless Check Charge? - 2 Replies

In 2004 I had rented an poolside apartment from a private owner. I moved out due to the fact the owner mad several inappropiate passes at me...

blugirlami21 in Hyattsville, Maryland

Updated 84 months ago

Bank Of America Hiring Process - 4 Replies

I applied for a BOA teller job, I got a call back from a recruiter, she asked me some questions and told me I would have a second phone interview in...

blugirlami21 in Hyattsville, Maryland

Updated 84 months ago

Missed recruiters call, what to do now?? - 1 Reply

I received a call from a recruiter about a teller position friday afternoon. I called back 9:00a.m. Monday morning with no answer. Left a message and...

HRhopeful in Alexandria, Virginia

Need information for HR research project on unpaid benefits frome Bank of America

I am working on a research project for my HR class. I am comparing paid and unpaid leave in large companies and BoA is one of them. I tried...

MK in Hoboken, New Jersey

Updated 85 months ago

Failed Background Check - 3 Replies

I failed a background check with BofA once they did fingerprinting. Is there ever a point in trying to reapply in the future? I'll just be denied...

MK in Hoboken, New Jersey

Updated 85 months ago

next step - 2 Replies

I just had my phine interview for the inbound customer service position. The interviewer said she will give me a call the middle of this week, for...

LUVDALLAS in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 87 months ago

Bank of America or Capital One Bank - 4 Replies

I have a decision to make between being a Personal Banker at Bank of America or a Relationship Banker at Capital One? The pay at Capital One is...

PhillipFry in Seattle, Washington

Updated 87 months ago

Can I contact the hiring manager? - 1 Reply

I applied for a quantitative analyst job. I have done all interviews and got an email immediately from the HR. (I was interviewed on Friday and...

PhillipFry in Seattle, Washington

Updated 87 months ago

Should I discuss criminal background in an attached formal letter with when I submit my application? - 3 Replies

I was charged with DUI, yet was ultimately convicted of reckless driving about 5 years ago which is a criminal offense in my state. The BofA...

Tank in Comstock Park, Michigan

Bank of America Call Center Tampa

I am looking to possibly work at the Bank of America call center in Tampa FL. Does anyone know the size of the call center and the best way to go...

Teller09 in Plano, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

MY Bank of America Hiring Process - 6 Replies

My first time joining the company: I applied for a part time teller position around Mid-June 2009. I was contacted by a recruiter, she told me my...

Achilles S in FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida

Updated 88 months ago

diagnoses with cancer first week as a new hire contractor - 1 Reply

ok.. have chemo, systemic, every three weeks. progonosis is good, but my hours prevent me from having treatment every 21 days. can anyone...

gladly gone in charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 89 months ago

Credit Check for Personal Banker position? - 7 Replies

I got myself in some trouble over the last two years supporting my then girlfriend and now fiancee as she was going through her last two years of...

kittens in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 89 months ago

2 DUIs BofA background check - 1 Reply

I have two DUIs 5 years apart. Both are misdemeanors. I am a contractor and had to do a background check to get the contract job at BofA. No problems...


Updated 89 months ago

Early Warning - 9 Replies

I was a contractor at BofA and was in the process of becoming a Perm associate. My ASI background came back unsat because i'm on some database called...

shoebox in Jensen Beach, Florida

Working Conditions

Hi, I was wondering what are the typical number of hours an employee works at bank of america? I often read 40 hours, but when I look at the...

dragnet in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 89 months ago

i overstated my income on asi - 1 Reply

i think im screwed, i realized my income was not the same as last yr = YTD....should i still expect to have satisfactory background check?

RT in Santa Monica, California

Background Check Court Martial - Other Than Honorable Discharge - am I out of the running?

I have a really good chance of getting a work from home job with BofA but I am skeptical that I will pass the background check. 5 years ago when I...

mitreta in Atlanta, Georgia

Need Advice for Fingerprint, I9 form, IRS Background Check Procedures...

I received a call from a Recuriter that they whould like to make an Offer for Operations Representative -Data Entry job. My Question is He said ,...

SRT in Tulare, California

Got a interview Monday Bank of America

I have my frist interview this monday and i'm alittle nervous on what they will ask. I'm not applying for a teller. Somethng with morgages, which...

Racheal in Knoxville, Tennessee

Looking for someone to contact

I have applied to several jobs in the atlanta area and havent heard anything. I have three years of cash handling, retail sales, and bank experience....

Girlinjeans in Concord, California

Updated 91 months ago

Next step - 4 Replies

I was at the career fair last night here in concord and passed 2 interviews and was asked fir my ss so they can initiate an asi....I was also told I...

Teresa Blake in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 91 months ago

background info!!!!! - 4 Replies


Teresa Blake in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 91 months ago

How to get hired - 1 Reply

It is based on who you know. I know people that have all kinds of issues that work at the Bank... we are just like any place else...depends on who...

foozbasha in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 91 months ago

BOA teller assessment test???? - 2 Replies

So I just took that BOA teller assessment test and at the end it said " Thank you for completing the assessment. You 'll be notified by BOA regarding...

MH in Portland, Oregon

Updated 91 months ago

is a bank employee able to access a persons account without them? - 1 Reply

do they have verifications or security checks ? or are they just able to pull it up.

LeeryInArizona in Mesa, Arizona

Bank of America Chandler area help/advice needed

Ok so I got an offer through a temp service to work for BofA at one of their corporate locations (not a bank as a teller) and now I am second...

Lee in Placerville, California

Updated 92 months ago

My Bank not included on Job Search and having no experience in a recession - 2 Replies

I live in citrus heights (in sacramento county, ca). We have 2 banking centers in the city, but the city isn't on the job search. I asked my closest...

chelly in Pittsburg, California

Updated 92 months ago

help! - 1 Reply

I have had my phone interview with bofa also my face to face interview with a bank manger after that I recived an email from my recruiter saying that...

kevm28 in Hollister, California

Updated 93 months ago

Screening Interview - 17 Replies

Okay i've been called by the Employee Coordinator, she told me to come in on Monday for a screening. Has anybody in here gone through the screening...

armari in Stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 93 months ago

Bank of America Application - 18 Replies

Hi. I have just recently graduated from UNCC and have applied to tons of Bank of America jobs. I can not seem to get a response for any of them. ...

2ndbeach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Education Info on ASI

When I completed my ASI I put down the HS I graduated from (over 20 yrs ago)but did not put down any college info. I went to college for a little...

nbrown in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 94 months ago

concerned about fingerprinting - 2 Replies

I got an offer from a BOA recruiter and I'm suppose to start in 2 weeks. the next step is fingerprinting and the I9. Two years ago I was arrested for...

nbrown in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 94 months ago

background check - 1 Reply

so about 2 weeks ago i was caught shoplifting at walmart like 34dollars worth. was not my intention to go just for that; was a seriously stupid...

Masood in Oakland, California

Updated 94 months ago

How do I get a job - 25 Replies

How do I get a job through Bank of America?

brandon1988 in Seattle, Washington

Updated 94 months ago

Bank of America ASI background check? - 1 Reply

Hello, I did the phone interview and a face to face group interview with the Market Executive Managers. They really liked me! I called my recruiter...

Jimbo in Los Angeles, California


Hi, I was recently offered a position at Merrill and was told I would be receiving a computer on my first day. Does anyone know whether they use...

ex_wachovia in New Jersey

Updated 95 months ago

Bank of America Hiring Process - 2 Replies

Hello all. I had a quick question to see if anybody out there could be of any assistance. I have gone through the beginning stages of the hiring...

CT76 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 95 months ago

Credit Check and Foreclosures - 2 Replies

I hope someone can help with some questions i have about B of A employment .. I am currently going through the interview process .. and wanted to...

Confused in Dallas, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

Why don't they contact you? - 8 Replies

I've submitted my resume to a few different positions in Illinois. I am more than qualified, I meet all of the pre-requisites, but no one will call...

Confused in Dallas, Texas

ASI Screening

On Monday, I was told that my ASI Report came back unsatisfactory and I could no longer work for BofA. I was really confused because I know I have...

brad92r in orlando, Florida

Updated 96 months ago

BofA background / after one on one interview - 2 Replies

I already did the phone interview and the one on one. The recruiter told me she would let me know Monday (yesterday) or Tuesday (today) at the...

brad92r in orlando, Florida

Updated 96 months ago

Dress Code (Male & Female) - 2 Replies

Anybody care to share about the dress code for male AND female employees? I have not seen it anywhere, so please share what you know. Also, I wanted...

ME_N_BOA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 96 months ago

BofA - ASI - 2 Replies

Does anyone know if Bank of America pulls your full college transcript for their ASI or just confirms your degree from your listed institution?

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