bank of america assesment test

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Nicolasa in Seattle, Washington

85 months ago

Keep applying and be persistent. If its what you want keep trying. Doesn't sound like she would've been someone you'd want to work under anyways. Keep applying to different branches and
maybe next interview you get there will be better chemistry with the boss: )


Side in Albuquerque, New Mexico

63 months ago

S Daniels said: I just took an assessment for an assistant branch manager. Will the assessment immediately inform me of the result.

What was on the test? I'm really interested in becoming a teller and is just curious! Please send any helpful feedback! Thanks!


Need help in San Lorenzo, California

50 months ago

How can I prepare myself for the online 60 minute assessment test? I failed 3 time, I don't know what they are testing on? Multiple choice questions is not my thing, what's the trick to pass these test, I always run out of time?


i dont like those tests in Concord, California

50 months ago

Is it possible to create a new username and email to take the test again if you fail? Ive failed the test and dont want to wait 6 months to retake.

Will HR know? anyone with experience on this?


Cecilia Brignac in Acworth, Georgia

49 months ago

Kate-chan in Houston, Texas said: Because you put that you don't work well under pressure or that you get nervous easily or something, they think you can't do the job. I got that too, over a year ago. I just got the "Congratulations!" email today with the link to go take the test, and I'm so nervous. . .

go to how to pass easy simulation employment technologies...Please be encouraged...I was told the same thing...researching information. doing my part.


Cecilia in Acworth, Georgia

49 months ago

Cecilia Brignac in Acworth, Georgia said: go to how to pass easy simulation employment technologies...Please be encouraged...I was told the same thing...researching information. doing my part.

keep trying!!!


sunitakaul in Irvine, California

46 months ago

I lost the page for assesment test which even I didn't started even .How to get back to it?


Ryan in Seattle, Washington

33 months ago

HEIDI in Irvington, New Jersey said: i failed teller assesment and call center nboud. i was certain i passed I couldnt believe i failed ..oh well

How did u know you failed the test? I just took the assessment test and it didn't say if I passed or failed.


Nikki3708 in Beaumont, California

30 months ago

I applied for a teller position almost two months ago. I was sent an email to take the assessment test the same day I applied, but since I've taken the assessment I haven't heard from anyone or an email telling me if I even passed? How long does it take for someone to contact you?


Me in Portsmouth, Virginia

3 months ago

I have an assessment to take for a team manager position at Bank of America.. can anyone tell me if this test consist of a numeric reasoning or any type of math. Is there anything else anyone can share about the test.


Lv220 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts

2 months ago

The test or assessment is actually easy. If you passed the assessment the recruiter will call you within 15 minutes


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