How can I negotiate my salary with HR?

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nvraeder in Fresno, California

17 months ago

CMave in Edison, New Jersey said: How and what should I negotiate my hourly rate to be?

Last week I interviewed on the phone, attended a group interview, and yesterday I interviewed with the Operations Manager. I did really well so I am expecting a phone call any day. ONE Problem....

When asked about salary, on the first contact (phone call) I told the HR Gentleman that it was not the #1 priority for me. I thought the Ops manager would bring it up since it would hit his cost center, but that was not the case... Furthermore after scouring through the forums and seeing that some tellers get paid $8!!! Wow now I am bit nervous....

My background: I worked for another bank for 4 years started off as a teller and about 6 months later I became the teller operations supervisor. And when needed, I also worked on the platform covering shifts for Client Service Reps opening new account and helping customers with other service issues. I ended with about 14/hr.

So for a part time teller, considering my experience and good history, (((1)))what should I aim for? When (anticipating) I receive that phone call, (((2)))how can I bring the salary issue up?

So if you can answer (((1))) and (((2))) I'd really appreciate it!!!!

Thanks for your time.

Did you end up taking the position? And roughly what is the salary range for this? I am at the tail end of the hiring for this position as well!



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