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yeahyeahyeah in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Updated 57 months ago

Missed Pre Employment Drug Test - 1 Reply

This is my own fault. I was picking up a second job (Best Buy) for evenings/weekends. I received the offer e-mail, etc. Agreed to it. That's when I...

HairlessHenry in Chicago, Illinois

Best Buy 3rd Interview with GM went well but..

I applied to lots of positions at this Best Buy in my area. They called me and scheduled me for an interview with a Manager, it went great . A few...

RigorxMortis in Hesperia, California

Updated 61 months ago

Was told checking on my application weekly was harassment. - 4 Replies

Hello, I am a 19 year old highschool graduate whom has been applying for a job at the local Best Buy. When I first tried to apply was back before...

Davidm in Louisville, Kentucky

I live in louisville ky once I put in a application for a job at bestbuy how long does it take for them to give me a interview

I live in louisville kentucky once I put in a application for a job at bestbuy how long does it take for them to give me a interview

Pavnit in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 64 months ago

Confused about some things...I'm in training at Best Buy? - 4 Replies

Today I start my training with a leader or trainer in my department. I am soooo confused, I wasnt told really what to do when I come in. We don't...

Supermade in Los Angeles, California

Updated 64 months ago

Did Best Buy just hire me without an interview? - 1 Reply

I applied online for their seasonal Sales Consultant-Lifestyles Job last Wednesdays the 18th and this Tuesday the 24th I got an email saying that...

Coledition in Sonora, California

Hiring problem

I'm very concerned. Yesterday I went to a local Best Buy job fair and after the first interview I was instantly moved on to a manager interview. I...

jazzy in Gretna, Louisiana

Updated 65 months ago

Didn't recieve drug test forms. Boss asked to resubmit job offer. How do I do that? - 1 Reply

Hi so I got a job at Best Buy and accepted the job offer and gave consent for a drug test. The next step in the hiring process is to get an email...

Mark in Denton, Texas

Best Buy Customer Service Agent Interview Questions

Hello everyone, I have an interview for the Geek Squad Customer Service Agent next week and I was curious as to what questions I might expect...

Eddy in Oswego, New York

Updated 67 months ago

I had Geek Squad first interview need help??? - 2 Replies

I had my first interview at geek squad today. Two persons interview me, one guy from the geek squad department, and another girl from the store. They...

Brandon Holman in Greeley, Colorado

New-Hire Background checks.

So I am a new-hire to bestbuy, supposed to start my job July 28, 2013 in Computers and Tablets as a sales associate. I did the drug test and passed...

Airport Safety in Enfield, Connecticut

Updated 68 months ago

Did I actually get hired? - 3 Replies

So after a week from the online application, I get the phone interview, it goes well, and I get scheduled for an interview today, and first comes the...

Ty in Frisco, Texas

Updated 69 months ago

How to get a job at Best Buy? - 1 Reply

I applied for a cashier job at Best Buy yesterday, how long does it take for them to call you for an interview? I have 2 years experience in retail...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 69 months ago

Re-apply to Best Buy? - 2 Replies

So I applied online to Best Buy yesterday to two different positions. However, during the questionnaire, I rarely chose "strongly agree" or "strongly...

Mattrc77 in Chino, California

Just got an interview for best buy mobile, that what i applied for.

OK guys I'm having my first interview with best buy in a two days for mobile sale i believe. Any advice you guys have on what goes on in the first...

reero in Georgia

How long are the results for the Unicru personality test stored?

I applied for a position in December 2012, but I guess I failed the personality part of the application, since I never got a call back. The...

swhmetta in austin, Texas

Daily Life As A Manager??

Question- I have recently been offered an Assistant Manager position. I haven't started yet, and I haven't signed the acceptance yet. What can I...

Brian88 in Moreno Valley, California

UNICRU Personality Test

I was just wondering if this personality test is still being used. I have applied to best buy at least 6 times for 6 different positions and I never...

Gallahad in Long Beach, California

Updated 74 months ago

Best Buy Loss Prevention - 4 Replies

Hello out there. I'm not a stool pigeon or anything like that, but when it comes to Loss Prevention and Best Buy, be prepared to stand in front of a...

Taylor in Buffalo, New York

Updated 76 months ago

Best Buy Sales Associate or Sales Associate - 1 Reply

Hello I'm 15 years old, but I'm turning 16 in a month and a half. I'm looking forward to getting a job at Best Buy when I turn 16. The only problem...


Updated 77 months ago

psycological profile Best Buy online application - 10 Replies

I have now taken this 100 question test for the 3rd time trying to score in the GREEN-GREEN Zone so to speak ! Anybody know what the key is to...


Geek squad job

I applied for a position at my local bestbuy. The position title is "geek squad agent job". I'm just wondering which position in geek squad it is....


Updated 78 months ago

Whats the next step? - 5 Replies

So Bestbuy offered me a job for Asset Protection and told me to get a drug test. They gave me the forms and I went to go get one. What do I do now?...

deoxide2012 in La Puente, California

Is this normal?

I went for an interview for mobile manager trainee position a week ago and was told that they were only interviewing for part time mobile sales reps...

Jake in Bentonville, Arkansas

Best Buy Interview(s)

I just got back from my third interview at Best Buy. The first was a phone interview, and the other two were walk-ins. I originally applied for...

Hah in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Updated 82 months ago

Possible to get hired as counter intelligence agent? - 2 Replies

Is it possible and reasonable to get hired as a bestbuy counter intelligence agent as a student going to college? I have read the description and...

sheri in Wayne, New Jersey


What is the training like for hourly Team Members? Is there a structured process and is the process funded with payroll?

evang in Northeast, Pennsylvania

Updated 87 months ago

Interviewed but i kind of failed - 3 Replies

Hi I just went through the interview for a sales position and it all went fine until the end. I was answering all the questions fast and thorough....

tc in Traverse City, Michigan

Updated 88 months ago

Best Buy Certification - 1 Reply

Hi! I just got hired at Best Buy, and they're giving me a bunch of certification tests. I've been studying like crazy, but that's no help. They're...

thelobo in Arizona

Advancement and Promotions at Best Buy

I just got hired at Best Buy today and will be starting shortly as a mobile sales consultant. What I am wondering about are the opportunities for...

Mr.Brown in Hiram, Georgia

2nd interview with Best Buy?

So on Monday i had a GROUP interview at best buy i thought it went very well, yesterday i got called for a 2nd interview tomorrow, what does that...

rockman0 in Flowood, Mississippi

What should I do now?

I recently got this email from Best Buy a few weeks after applying for a job as a Computer Tech there: Dear [redacted], You recently completed...

Lindsay in Fort Myers, Florida

Transferring from the US to Canada with Best Buy

OK long story short.. My girlfriend is a Canadian citizen and lives in Vancouver. I'm an American citizen living in Florida. I currently work for...

Jack in Peoria, Arizona

I got the first interview on the phone but next scheduled the next one.. please help :(

it went well and everything i showed i had great availability and he reacted positive everytime i answered a question but he never told me about the...

bob in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 91 months ago

how long should an online application take in actually getting sent to the store? - 1 Reply

so im 16 and applied online and its been like 2 weeks and i dont know what to expect from anything if anyone could help me out it'd be a ton of help

Jean Luis Urena in Scarsdale, New York

Updated 91 months ago

How To: Get Hired and Fired at Best Buy - 2 Replies

I will be writing this guide to sort of help most of you that asked questions and did not receive a reply, in regards to getting a job at best buy....

Jadon in Miami, Florida

What exactly should I expect on my 3rd interview as far as questions and what are my chances in getting hired

Hi, So I had my first two interviews and after the second interview I signed background check forms and was scheduled a 3rd interview with the...

Johan Wilson in Winter Haven, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

Just got hired at Best Buy, what to expect? - 3 Replies

I just finished the third interview and got my drug test on tuesday. I will be a Computer Specialist, also being paid less than i imagined, but i...

E in Chesterfield, Missouri

HELP Please!

Hey everyone. I got called in for my orientation tomorrow, and I don't know what to wear! I looked on Google and some people said you have to wear a...

E in Chesterfield, Missouri

Updated 92 months ago

Good or Bad Thing? - 2 Replies

Ok so I had an interview today... and everyone told me that they would be asking questions about some of my weaknesses, obstacles I've overcome etc....

John Doe in Avenel, New Jersey

Updated 92 months ago

Denied third interview. - 1 Reply

Is it possible to be considered for another position if you use the online app center? Do I have to try another best buy? I don't want to give up...

Just me

Best Buy Sales and Non-sales supervisor interview

Hello everyone, I applied for a job at best buy as a sales or non sales supervisor due to my experience in supervising 2 other businesses for over 4...

Danni in Haddonfield, New Jersey

Updated 93 months ago

Will Best Buy work around my other job? - 1 Reply

Was wondering will best buy work with me on another job? What if it is one of there competitors? And if they won't, do they offer full time? I would...

herpderp in Anderson, Indiana

Updated 94 months ago

best buy mobile manager - 2 Replies

Looking at for my local store I saw a position for a best buy mobile manager. I filled out the application and questionnaire on the...

herpderp in Anderson, Indiana

Updated 94 months ago

Second Interview Help Please! - 1 Reply

I went in for my first interview and I believe I did well. However, the manager I was talking to mentioned a second interview in the context of...

herpderp in Anderson, Indiana

Updated 94 months ago

Best Buy Interview - SA - 1 Reply

So, I had my third and final interview today which I _know_ I absolutely bombed. The final interview is with the General Manger. He was the most...

Damian in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 95 months ago

i need to know - 1 Reply

are bestbuy employee allowed to date and work at the same store?

CalvinED286 in South Ozone Park, New York

Personality Test

How do you know when you past the first test?

Poor527 in Andover, Massachusetts

Question about being a Sales Associate at Best Buy...

Hello. I am a 17 year old in high school (going to be 18 in August). I know A LOT about video games, ipods, and cell phones. Therefore, the sales...

Aly in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Updated 101 months ago

Does Best Buy change your schedule during the middle of a week? - 1 Reply

Hello all. Last night I finished my second official day of work at Best Buy. My first two days I have worked a little longer than scheduled. I...

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