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Reality in Carrollton, Texas

92 months ago

So, I had my third and final interview today which I _know_ I absolutely bombed. The final interview is with the General Manger. He was the most quiet, serious and nerve-wracking individual I've ever met. It seemed he made it a proirty to break you to see if you're capable of performing a nine-dollar/hr job as a sales associate.

The first two interviews were, I thought, easy and the mangers were pretty cool. They both asked, "Why Best Buy?" Inwhich I told them I'm interested in eletronics, and I thought it might be an excellent opprunity to learn about software, hardware, and communicate with others, etc. Then they asked,
(Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to help someone.

How would you work with someone who you don't like or doesn't like you.)
Which I thought I answered fairly adequately.

On goes the final interview and the first questions were about my previosu jobs, accomplishements. The guy wasn't impressed with anything and continue to give me more questions.

"What would you do when you see your best friend (Asked who he was) stealing?"
Speifically, he told me he did not steal the item, but was "attempting to" and when he saw me he stopped and put it back. I told him I'd have to report it any way because it seemed like a thing that could've been habitual or reoccured. Then he asked me what the punishment for it should be in my opnion.I told him he should be fired.

He then told me what if I trace your sales and see if all the money wasn't there that was suppose to. What should my punishment be? And then asked what amount of money (if stolen)was punishable by being fired. What if instead it was misplaced? I froze up a few times and didn't know what to asnwer but ulimately said, "I guess I should be fired. It would be my fault if the correct amount wasn't there."

My first question is, what should I have said differently there?

The last bit was him asking me to role-play with him about selling shavers... I froze.


herpderp in Anderson, Indiana

91 months ago

Did the GM offer you the job and give you the paper work for your drug test? If not you didnt get it. They all ask those question they are printed forms to tell them what to ask and coaches them in good/better/best responses. My gm interview was basically the stealing question and availability, my other two seemed the same as yours


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