Could I hope for another job at Best Buy? (long story)

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BiancaJ in Nowhere

108 months ago


I began working at a Best Buy in August of 2008. I can't tell you where because I don't want to make myself known, as I am trying to get a job at another Best Buy store.

At the store I worked at, during the interview process, I specifically told them I did not want to be a cashier, did not want to be in Customer Service, and did not want to answer the phones. The interviewer, my supervisor, agreed to these terms. About a month of working the sales floor, they put me on the sales phone because someone had called in sick. I did not complain, though I hated it. After my shift was over, my manager asked me if I liked it, and I was honest with him. He said that he would make sure that I "never had to do it again." Every day after that, I was on the phone. Even when a new guy was hired to do the sales phone, he got out on the sales floor and I was told to remain on the phone--by a guy who wasn't even my manager. I loved working for Best Buy and didn't want to leave, so I said nothing. The guy (who told the phone guy to stay on the sales floor, and me to stay on the phone [again, who was NOT a manager]) began harassing me daily, making me feel worthless all the time. He insulted me on a daily basis. Every day after work, I would go home and just cry over the things he had said to me.

I was not trained to be on the phone. They made me do a job that I specifically told them BEFORE I got hired that I did NOT want to do. Employees in the store constantly ignored my requests via the walkie (example. "Do we have ___ movie in stock?" No answer. Ten minutes later, still no answer). I was forbidden to get up from the phone to go physically see if we had a product.


BiancaJ in Nowhere

108 months ago


The final straw was an incident about a television. A man had ordered a TV and called to see if it was in yet. I radioed to the warehouse and asked an inventory guy if we had it, and he said YES. I told the man on the phone that we had the television. He drove two hours to come get it, and when he got there, the tv was not there. I got screamed at and embarrassed in front of several people, and it was NOT MY FAULT.

Finally, after over nine months of being abused by the rude guy I worked with, I flat-out quit. I told them I was not coming back, and I didn't. I did not give two weeks' notice.

I am now trying to get hired by a different Best Buy. Today is Monday, and I had an interview last Wednesday.

I have not heard back from them.

Is it possible they called the other Best Buy, and the other Best Buy told them that I just left?

I now realize it was wrong of me, but.. you can't imagine how horrible I felt every single day. I was honestly debating all sorts of insane ideas to just escape from there.

As a company, Best Buy pleases me still. I truly love them.. I want to be a part of their team. I just don't want to be abused.. do you think the new Best Buy might hire me, or should I just give up?


Erick in Topeka, Kansas

24 months ago

I know 83 months is a little late for this Bianca but, in case anyone else reads this it might help them.

There is a whole section of training that you go though at Best Buy and most other major companies that deal with this very issue. If you were having problems with a person you need to report it to management. If you for any reason feel uncomfortable about reporting the issue to management then there is a corporate HR number/website that is readily available to every employee.

The company can't do anything about someone harassing you unless you say something about it and another store won't know you left with out notice because it was never reported. Also if it is reported and the company does nothing about it, then you call HR and let them know that the stress of the harassment is making your work conditions unbearable and you need to file an arbitration. Which would basically be suing Best Buy with out going to court. I can tell you that it would probably never get to that step.

Now that we have handled how to properly handle the issue lets answer your question.

Do you think the new Best Buy might hire me, or should I just give up?

Generally any company that you quit with out giving notice to unless it is a really crap job will never higher you again. Saying that if you are working a crap position for a big company never burn bridges. Later on in life they may have a job opening that you really want and the difference between getting that job is if you put in that two weeks notice or not.


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