Does Best Buy change your schedule during the middle of a week?

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wickman10 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

104 months ago

Hello all. Last night I finished my second official day of work at Best Buy. My first two days I have worked a little longer than scheduled. I received a call from a supervisor at my Best Buy store this morning and they left a message saying to just call him back. What can this be about? Would Best Buy have changed my schedule overnight for the next day? Or does Best Buy stick to the schedule they create for every employee? Maybe they were just calling me to see if I could cover for someone? I guess I am just worried because it is my first official week of work.
Thanks for the help!


Aly in Kalamazoo, Michigan

102 months ago

Probably calling to see if you could cover for someone. I'm going through training right now -not yet a blue shirt- and they said they schedule TWO WEEKS in advance, that way if theres a day you cant work; you can let your lead know and they can take care of it. At least thats how my store works. They said if they call and ask you to work if its not on your schedule, you don't have to. Of course it's more money, and it puts a feather in your hat. But yeah, it's probably good if you call them back lol.


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