How To: Get Hired and Fired at Best Buy

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FDLEPatrol in Orlando, Florida

118 months ago

As soon as you read the job descriptions, and fully confident that you are the right candidate for the position, apply. To increase your chances of getting a phone call, apply to two positions, if they are available. Managers want someone that is willing to try something new, and is trainable.

You will be asked a series of questions including: Past Employers, Current Address, References, and Education History. This is a given, answer it correctly. If you're chosen to have your employers called, you will automatically be DQ'ed from the hiring process.

Towards the end, you'll take what is called a "Candidate Suitability Personality Test." This measures if you're trainable, honest, calm, and again, trainable. There are three levels that are color coded, and this is what the hiring managers see when they pull your application up.

Green - Hireable! Trainable! (Resume Attached.)
Yellow - Neutral - Last resort (Resume Attached.)
Red - Flagged for Deletion. Un-hireable (RESUME IS NOT ATTACHED. THEY CAN NOT ACCESS IT.)


FDLEPatrol in Orlando, Florida

118 months ago

Personality Test Tips:

The test wants to find out how good you can make up your mind. They don't want someone that is in between, when answering: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. If you agree to a question, Strongly Agree, if you don't choose Strongly Disagree. Plain and simple. I'm not going to tell you how to answer these questions, because the test is that easy, and god forbid I help someone that unsuited for the job, get the job.

Interviewing Phase:

First Interview - This is usually on the phone. I've never heard of a case where they call you in for the first interview, they want to see if you're a okay character first, in order to come in and speak with a manager reading the position. First impression counts. Loud noises, bad telephone feeds, slurring of speech are all killing factors, and may break you.

Second Interview - So you made it past the phone interview, they are giving you a shot to sell yourself to a manager at the store. This isn't hard to do, just need to know how to answer questions truthfully, quickly, and at least with experienced responses. Some cases, if you past this with flying colors, and a manager is available, you'll get the GM interview, and pay/drug testing is talked about then.

Third Interview - GM interview. So the managers like you, the GM has to like you as well. Besides, they make sure your paycheck arrives on time every week. You need to make them look good! BBY is a results driven company. Pass this, the GM will either call you back later or offer you the job on the spot.


Jean Luis Urena in Scarsdale, New York

91 months ago

**My location is Bronx, NY***

I have had my first interview a couple days ago, but the manager just said he will call if I turn out to be one of the "best" and if I dont he simply wont call.

I am 17 with tons of experience for someone my age, and I am very technical but I think I choked a little during the interview... so my question is do you think the manager will call me, or do they tell you to come in for a second interview the same day?

I really want to work in Best Buy, I LOVE THAT STORE!!

It was the Best Buy in 5th Avenue and 44th Street in Manhattan New york.


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