Just got hired at Best Buy, what to expect?

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Eric in Lexington, Kentucky

99 months ago

I just finished the third interview and got my drug test on tuesday.

I will be a Computer Specialist, also being paid less than i imagined, but i guess it is kentucky haha.

anyways a couple questions.

What to expect as working at Best buy, i've worked at staples and enjoy retail and meeting people, helping them, learning etc.

But i hear so many bad things about best buy, i really am not sure what to expect.

Give me some tips, pointers etc.

Also, he said i need two forms of ID from a list he gave me.

Would Drivers license and Birth Certificate Suffice?

What about this discount?
we pay 5% above what BB pays, so what does this apply to, for example. How much would a 60 dollar game be for an employee?

Thanks, Eric


Nick Kent in New Jersey

97 months ago

I wouldn't know, but I've heard that items such as Video Games generally get discounted by next to nothing, because Best Buy sells them for pretty much what they're bought for. You can expect your discount to be huge in areas of accessories, sound systems, entertainment systems, etc, where BB will markup be a *ton*. For example, a $100-150 HDMI cord might cost you $20. Or a new case for your phone for $30 might be $5.


herpderp in Anderson, Indiana

95 months ago

Expect crappy pay, oh wait you got that part. Did the manager that hired you give you option for pay? Normally they will ask you what you want. For example a GS CIA starts at 1026 in the store I was hired at, as in that is the lowest they can pay you, but they asked me what my expectations were (3 yrs ago) and I said 12/hr and got it. If you excepted the first offer im sorry, but you should have asked for more. You could have atleast prly got a quarter. You're in pcho, so im assuming they started you out around 8-850.

As in what to expect, expect the first week or so just to be you sitting on a computer, so you can get "certified" and then expect them to expect you to sale things right after that and track your sales VIA the tracker. Good luck and find another job, worst buy sucks.


Johan Wilson in Winter Haven, Florida

92 months ago

As long as you dont mind being treated like a 10 year old you will do fine. Managers, managers, and more managers, and more managers for those managers.

Even though I am in my 30s, and been in the IT field for 12 years, they still seem to treat me (and everyone else in the department) like we are all ten year olds. But it is what it is I suppose, if you can get past that, its just a part time job.


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