Offered position, pending BG check. Two DWIs.

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Sean in Lewisville, Texas

17 months ago

After 3 interviews (first with Geek Squad Supervisor, second with GM, third with Dept. Manager) I was contacted by Personnel rep, offering me a job and telling me that no drug test was required for the position. I was sent an email with steps to 1) accept/decline the offer, 2) authorize a background check. I accepted the offer and gave my permission for them to do the check, called back 3 days later, and was told they had not gotten the results back and that I should just "sit tight".

Today, I received MY copy of the results of the BG check, which showed two convictions for DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED (one in 2009 and one in March, 2017). No other incidents are reported on the check. This, of course, comes as no surprise to me but I don't remember any question on the job application about criminal history and it was not addressed in any of the three interviews or at any other point. Had I ever been asked I would have been forthright.

My concern now is if I've gotten my copy of the results back, haven't they? And if anyone knows, will these convictions keep me from getting the job?


Kuboo in Wilson, North Carolina

14 months ago

Did you ever get the job?


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