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rllbad in Washington

130 months ago

no matter how much I try or how I take the damn unicru personality test, I never pass it. I'm getting kinda desperate...

Any tips on how to pass this thing?


toyrobott in springfield, Oregon

128 months ago

yes, im in the same boat. Help us someone. I know that is the only thing keeping me from getting at least a interview:(


JWade in Centereach, New York

128 months ago

toyrobott in springfield, Oregon said: yes, im in the same boat. Help us someone. I know that is the only thing keeping me from getting at least a interview:(

This is what I did: First, (Monday) I went to the store and asked an associate (in the dept I'm interested in) if they were hiring or if they were short handed. After the associate told me that yes, they were hiring I went and applied online.

Second: Most people on this forum say to put either "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree" I myself don't remember if I put more strongly(s) then just agree/disagree.

Thirdly: I called the store I was applying to (Tuesday) and asked for the MANAGER. I didn't just talk to anyone, I specifically asked for the manager. Told them my name and why i was calling. That I had heard from an Associate they were hiring in (blank) department and that I applied online last night and would just like to "notify you" that I have done so. She took my name and number. =)

I got a call from the dept manager today (Friday) and have an interview on Monday. I don't know how I did on my test or even if I passed. But showing initiative and taking charge of your application process pretty much guarantees you a job with someone. Sitting back and waiting for things to fall in your lap doesn't work as efficiently as calling everyday and checking up on your application. Even if they get annoyed, don't stop until they give you a SOLID answer. Personality tests shouldn't sub for hard working individuals.
Good Luck & Best Wishes


emodro in Hyattsville, Maryland

126 months ago

only answer strongly agree/ strongly disagree anything in the middle is considered indecisive and incorrect. also do it fast.


Yep in Kennesaw, Georgia

79 months ago

I wouldn't listing to the whole "call in"

Coming from me Best buy doesn't care if you call or not. if your app pops up when they look then they give you a call. That's about it. I have been filling out Apps at that place since 2006 And never got called. And I never failed the test either either.

I actually filled out the exact same answers as my friend one time. he had no exp and and I had. And they called him not me.

Best chances? Know someone in the store, Be Blonde with a set of jugs and you will get the job quick and simple.



76 months ago

I actually pretty much did exactly what JWade did, prior to reading this and I received an interview.


jbogga none in Detroit, Michigan

55 months ago

I think (my opinion) one thing to look at is what emodro stated. Another thing to not do is give conflicting answers. As you read A LOT of the questions have similiar meanings and topics. DO NOT give conflicting answers. Most of these tests ask you questions in the following formats.

Using drugs off the clock is no big deal because you are off work -SA A N D SD

ten questions letter they ask.

While coming out of the bathroom you notice your coworkers talking about being high all the time and can't wait to get off to get high some more. Would you;

A-Tell sup
B-do nothing its none of your business
c-tell them i want to join

When you get questions like that you want to give like answers. A lot of it truly does boil down to thinking about what you are applying for and what would the person looking at your results be juding you on. Stating you Strong Agree to prefering to working alone in a team based position is not the answer. Good luck to everyone!


sambaloelek in Belfair, Washington

3 months ago

I just got a job at BBY in WA state. It is obviously right before the major retail holiday season just for context of how likely it is to get hired right now. I did the personality test and I probably used "strongly agree/disagree" twice in the entire test. Don't try to use logic to beat the test, just answer honestly.


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