Pay and benefit differences between Charleston and Puget Sound area engineers

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Noob in Hilliard, Ohio

60 months ago

I have been considering a family lifestyle change and a career move away from the midwest auto industry competition. Boeing has been on my radar for quite some time, and have been taking the initial steps to applying and networking with recruiters these last few weeks.
Im quite curious to know what is the salaries and benefit differences between the two areas for engineers? Yes I am aware these are two different areas of the country, in which the cost of living, culture, etc. is quite different... And No, Im not looking for exact figures, but would like to get an idea of the differences employees are getting that are non-union in Charleston oppose to the Puget Sound area.
Also does Boeing offer higher education reimbursement to their employees, that want to achieve a higher degree (PhD, Masters, etc..)
I apologize in advance, as I can see this being a sour topic to some, with the current actions that are occurring within the company. Please do not take any offense, it is not my intent. Im also not trying to find answers why the company is making these decisions and your opinion on the companies direction.
Just curious to know what is best for me and my family is all. Thank you
Thank you


BoeFab in Kent, Washington

59 months ago

As far as education reimbursement, yes...they offer that. if its a nonunion position though i believe it has to be relevant to what you do, after a certain timeframe with the company ( a year i think) and manager approved.

Union (IAM anyway, not so sure about SPEEA) don't have those constraints.

As far as salaries...lot of variables there, just have to see what they offer and how badly they need to fill a position. I know of one colleague of mine who recently moved from Puget sound to Utah after been offered a huge raise to do so.

No stopping you from applying to both sides of the country of course, test the waters. Wont harm your chances any.


BCAengineer in California

59 months ago

Don't quote me but I think the Charleston facility offers subsidiary benefits which in no way implies that they are inferior to those offered in Puget Sound. Like BoeFab said, the pay has too many variables and is dependent on the location, level, discipline and experience. Given a level playing field between level, discipline and experience, there would be an obvious gap in pay due to the cost of living difference between Charleston and Puget Sound. The bottom line is that the benefits will be competitive wherever you go.


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