Recruitment Process at Boeing

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Jack in Little Rock, Arkansas

70 months ago

I've always gone under the assumption that while applying online, it's safe to assume you're resume will never be seen. I'm having difficulty making contacts at Boeing going through the traditional channels. Boeing doesn't actively recruit at my previous university and I don't know any current or former employees. I'm a recent college graduate and I've been applying from Little Rock, Arkansas. I've tried using LinkedIn to try to network however I don't want to diminish my chances by making an inappropriate contact outside of a typical methods of recruitment.

I consider myself a competitive candidate with a degree in Finance from my states top university and have multiple internships and study abroad experience in finance. Boeing stands out to me as a company that does amazing things.

Is applying in a state without business operations putting me at a disadvantage? I'm willing to relocate at my own expense and have stated that in my application.

Are there any other ways to increase my chances of contact by a hiring or human resources manager?

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yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

70 months ago

Read through this forum. There are a lot of tips.

I just wanted to comment on the online process. That is the ONLY way to get in.
They no longer accept paper resumes. Back in 'the day' it used to be that if you knew somebody, they can get you in. That is no longer the case.

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