Cigna jobs in Eastern Pa/De area?

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Telco Central Region Employee in Kingston, Pennsylvania

135 months ago

Over the next few months I'm looking into being proactive about my job. The company I work for was sold and we may be loosing our jobs. I've been thinking about following the trend and staying here in N.E. Pa and going to Cigna like a lot of my coworkers have done or moving to the S.E. Pa/DelMarVa area to apply at one of those offices there while I still have a job to fall back on. The offices I'm mainly looking at now are in Northern Delaware and Philly suburbs with the N.E.Pa offices also in the running. Anybody have any info to share on the company? Everybody that’s left where I am to go work in the N.E.Pa offices love it but I’m looking for more opinions. Willing to hear the good and the bad on it. Currently employed for a telephone/DSL company doing a few different jobs, looking mostly into a position as a C.P.A. Right now just looking for info on Cigna and the offices there, but anything would be appreciated.


Diane Wyatt-Armstrong in Stuart, Florida

131 months ago

Relocating to Wilmington, DE the first week of September. Saw a position in Claymont, DE available - looking for a contact, phone number or mailing address to send my Resume.


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