Cigna Cheating

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Jo Joshua Godfrey in Los Angeles, California

138 months ago

All health Insurance companies like Cigna care about is the BOTTOM LINE.$$$$$ Profit profit profit no matter WHAT they have to do to get it.

They are wasting health care dollars all around, cheating the patients and the physicians alike. I hear the doctors crying constantly, for Gods sake what about the poor patients. Shame on all of you, only thinking about yourselves, and the monetary rewards. What about these people who are suffering, and fighting for their lives.

Does this make any sense, or have we lost all sense and sanity? Lets really do some SOUL SREARCHING.

People such as Cigna auctually employ an army of people to keep you from getting care. Ask any physician what dollars are being wasted trying to get referals for treatment, that never materializes, and while these sick patients are waiting they could die, and they are suffering. Or ask anyone in need of care, who has had to battle for months to get it.

Would someone please tell me if a person needs to be followed by lets say an Oncologist. Why would they need to see a Gate keeper doctor pay a co pay, have Cigna pay that doctor, who has to get authoriziation from Cignas Case Manager or someone similar, pay that Case Manager.

Will someone for GOD SAKE wise up, and lets put an end to the abuse of Consumers, abuse of good physicians,
a total waste of our healthcare dollars, to let these people run to the bank with OUR MONEY needed for healthcare of sick people.

When will you all get it, peeople who are Well do not need a doctor. More dollars for the "PIGGY BANK"

Medicine is not a commodity that should be traded on the Stoock exchange, and nobody should benifit from healthcare dollars except patients and the physicians who are good and dedicate their life to treating them.

People wake up, sooner or later you will learn the name of the game. I hope that day it will not be too late.

My comments to this physician you were probably doing the best for your patients, and that is not be


abc in Pennsylvania

138 months ago

To your point, see the $93 million class action settlement where CIGNA hid major problems with their new claims systems.

This Connecticut boondoggle issued incorrect member cards amongst other things. CIGNA decided that the best way to handle this was to lay off customer service reps who deal with member issues. A double-whammy $ saving strategy in predictable CIGNA sytle!

See the whole, ugly story of the systems "transformation" at the link below.;884268956;fp;;fpid;;pf;1

Most irritating is that the CIO, Andrea Anania exonerates herself with "a note of helplessness creeps into her voice. "What could one individual do?" she asks repeatedly. "There's only so much one person can do." OUTRAGEOUS! On a humorous note, this disaster now serves as an academic case study.

And this one in 2003:
"brought by providers in various states and concerned CIGNA's claims processing, billing, and payment practices"

"the organization will institute procedures that will make it less difficult for a provider to conduct business with the plan." Gotta love that one!

My doctor won't take CIGNA anymore and actually made a sour face when I mentioned them.


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