Unfair wages

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jlg536 in Tampa, Florida

100 months ago

I work for the Document Management division and it is ridiculous what Cintas pays the most profitable division.
I have always been told that Cintas was a great company to work for, but after 16 months of hard work and determination to move up in this company, I have been proven wrong.

12-14 hour work days, if you want to satisfy each customer. Trust and respect which seems to be Cintas's logo to their "partners" is just a joke. I worked very hard at a newer location of Document Management and went through the vigorous promotion process for Service Supervisor. They passed me over for another "partner" that had MT training. That person knew nothing about the division or it's concept of intense customer service.

Document Management is a new division, but if the company kept in the black by this division should the Sr's make more than just $1 more an hour than a receptionist?

Document Management employees have to have a 7 year back ground check, a driving record that is literally spotless and have great customer service skills, just to make $13.50 an hour???? What am I missing here?? We do the sales-pro's job after the initial sale and keep the customer happy. But in Tampa, FL we are only worth $13.50 and hour, please.

General managers get there rent paid if they move from a different location, they get their auto tags, sales tax, and rent paid for. I found out that my GM gets its rent paid for each month from Cintas and his rent is more than I make a month??? GM's get bonuses for <2% overtime for the division. $500+ car packages, while 90% of the SR's make less that $420 a week???

When you talk to other divisions, it is astonishing what those divisions make, compared to DM.

I would like to know some other DM SR injustices. I know it might be rare since it is such as new division, but it infuriates me to know that my team works VERY hard and gets little pay from such a profitable company.

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