How to get a job at CREE.

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Do you work at CREE? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?


thom in Urbana, Illinois

137 months ago

There is some weirdness in the hiring process at Cree. I interviewed for a Ph.D.-level process engineering position and never heard anything from them again--not even a form letter or email. (This was after a written questionnaire, two phone interviews, and a day of on-site interviews.)

Now, that could have been an isolated case, but a friend whose dissertation actually pertained to their core technology had a similar story. After being strung along for a couple months, he finally gave up on them and took an offer elsewhere.

It's an odd way to treat candidates. (Rude, some might say.) I can only imagine how employees are treated.


Anonymous in Cary, North Carolina

136 months ago

They did a same thing to my friend. After interviewing 3 diffrent times ..they did not offer him a job nor a rejection and kept asking to come again again..Finally he gave up.


wiloghby in Hampton, New Jersey

100 months ago

I went through the same process as others have interviewing for a process development position at Cree. I filled out an e-mail questionnaire (long!) and did two phone interviews. Then they flew me down for an on campus interview where I met eight different engineers on the team! It was grueling to say the least.

I was offered a job exactly 7 days later. One thing I noticed is that they seem to fly *many* *many* people down for interviews. So I would say don't get your hopes up just because they are flying you down to interview, but if they really like you then they will act swiftly.


stay away from Cree in Tucson, Arizona

94 months ago

Hi guys, i was working at CREE. It is awful. They are waiting to see if the person they employed can make it or not. if not then they replace it by you. that is why interviews are taking so long. just Google work environment at Cree and read all the reply from city-data. and glass door website


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