Your thoughts and opinions about the new E-pay/Direct deposit paychecks

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rebazillek in Illinois

100 months ago

I absolutely hate what they are doing. I already have direct deposit anyway but I can't believe they're pushing everyone to these two options only. They just sent a list of the closest free atm's in our area for e-pay cards and there are only TWO. It's ridiculous.


angelbutterfly in Zanesville, Ohio

99 months ago

I think it is a bunch of crap. Alot of people are very unhappy with being made to go direct deposit or E-Pay. It's not bad enough that they are looking for ways to fire people by making them do jobs that alot of them can't do so they will quit because it's teamshare time. I'ts like communist company now,the only people safe are management and their brown nosers.


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