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Updated 8 days ago

DYNCORP LOGCAP IV - 1768 Replies

Does anyone know if dui’s prevent clearance? I had 2 1st offense dui’s almost 4.5 years ago. They were back to back, did my probation, AA and have...

Mrroger in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Dyncorp Hiring Process - 6 Replies

I got a call from the recruiter and now I'm working with a HR Rep to send in needed paperwork and complete a physical. My only concern is how set in...

Mr,Carter in Humble, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Getting on with Dyncorp.. - 228 Replies

Hello, I've been trying to get on with Dyncorp in the Middle East for what seems like an eternity. I know the economy isn't exactly in the best...

DavidJ86 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Deploy Process

I applied for a cook position in June 2018. The recruiter contacted me a couple of days later and I had a phone interview. The recruiter offered me a...

Scotty Branum in Mcallen, Texas

Recruiter Information

Does anyone have recruiter information for Dyncorp. I have worked for KBR and Fluor in Iraq and Afghanistan and would like to return....

mandy dhu in Fort worth, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

Dyncorp Hiring Process - 14 Replies

Hello everyone Can any give me some info on the hiring process i just sent my recruiter all the information she requested including an offer letter....

Paul Sprayberry in Tellico Plains, Tennessee

DynCorp Intl.

Why Is It You Never Hear From These Folks? They Had A Position Open in the Philippines, I Have Applied for this Position Several times And Have...

Mohamed aslam in Doha, Qatar

auto diesel technician

I am work Kuwait oshkosh I like to work with us

New Hire w/ Doubt in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 48 months ago

I was offered an electrician job in afghanistan - 19 Replies

I applied for the 20 plus jobs on Dyncorp's site last night. A recruiter contacted me this afternoon with a job offer. This is my first time...

Anthony in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

DynCorp Logcap IV - 8 Replies

Can anyone refer me to a recruiter? I've been applying for SO LONG and I can't get anyone to even peek at my resume online. I've been overseas 3...

Paul in Greenville, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

Dyncorp in Kosovo - 4 Replies

I'm getting ready to deploy to camp bond steel. Does anyone have any tips for packing and what it's like to live and work there? You can email me...

crisostomotlianag66@*****.*** in Austin, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

DynCorp Intl Security - 1 Reply

How long are the "deployments" or time required overseas for security officers? What is the rate of pay, how often paid, and is it tax-free while...

erick wilson in Houston, Texas

DynCorp International Fitness Attendant Salary Al Udeid Qatar

A DynCorp Fitness Attendant in Qatar works 10 hours per day. A DynCorp Fitness Attendant working on Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar gets paid $10 per...

rudrabanjara@*****.*** in Doha, Qatar

I applied at dyncorp international.

I applied at dyncorp international for a few positions. the with draw button on 3 of my applications was disabled are 3 of the application are still...

Mileyka Mcafee Alhassam in Lawton, Oklahoma

Updated 57 months ago

VISA in Dubai - 1 Reply

Quick question - My Husband has received different answers on this topic from Dyn-Corp Management. If he is taking his next vacation in Dubai does he...

Protective Agent in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

Admin profile in DynCorp in Afghanistan - 5 Replies

Hi, is there anyone who can explain me the Admin profile in DynCorp as I'm getting a opportunity to work with DynCorp as Admin and what package...

Protective Agent in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 58 months ago

Dyncorp status changed online - 7 Replies

Hello. Been applying online and see that 1 job status has been changed to "under consideration". Hubby says no big deal but I think so. The others...

Michael in Europe

Updated 60 months ago

Dyncorp International FZ-LLC - 2 Replies

What is Dyncorp International FZ-LLC? I applied for a Sr. Database Analyst Free Zone on Dyncorp. I was contacted by a recruiter and yet to hear...

Marcelle in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 62 months ago

Communication - 1 Reply

My husband works for DynCorp in Afghanistan. Is WiFi available at most FOBs? How about making calls back home? I have only received one email in over...

iceman21611 in League City, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

DynCorp-International - 1 Reply

Can anyone give or send me information about securing employment with the DynCorp international. I have been trying for sometime now with no success....

EcOsUrF in Houston Area

Updated 70 months ago

Overseas Deployment Packing List - 3 Replies

I'm sure it's been discussed before, but apparently I need to get my eyes checked. For those of you that have already deployed or getting ready to...

jamessr61@*****.*** in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 73 months ago

DYNCORP Positions in KUWAIT - 2 Replies

I have just returned from Kuwait after working there for 6 years. I watched the transition of KBR to DYNCORP and tried with no success to get on with...

Malex in Round Rock, Texas

Terminal Leave from Army

Will my being on terminal leave from the Army somehow get in the way of me getting the position?

los in Fort Worth, Texas

dental requirements for dyncorp

I have to get a root canal done, it doesn't hurt but my dentist said I should get it done just in case it starts hurting in the future, also I still...

iceman21611 in Seabrook, Texas

need e mail address

can anyone give me an e mail for carpentry rep to be hired , they want to hire me for stuff i dont want to do such as power generation or elect work...

Kdawg in Arlington, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

Dyncorp Hiring Process - 1 Reply

Hello Salty and everyone else. I just wanted to find out if Dyncorp is hiring anytime soon for people who have gone for interviews in January 2012...

Betsy Ross in Sanford, Florida

Updated 77 months ago

"Requisition ID PROFNE" - 1 Reply

Hey guyz. Wanted to find out what is the meaning of "Requisition ID PROFNE" under a job posting on Dyncorp's website. Please advice..... thanks.

Karim in Châlons-du-maine, France


Hello, I join the chat for one information. In the site of Dyncorp you search a firefighters US citizen or not. But when we are french it's...

ANNIE66 in Apo

Updated 80 months ago

Background dispute? - 3 Replies

I recently found out that my HR background check wasn't cleared. They did not tell me why and that they would be sending me the information and the...

Gary in Muscat, Oman

Updated 81 months ago

Dyncorp Pros and Cons vs. other Log Cap Corps to work for. - 6 Replies

This company i worked with had seemed cool and smooth to work for on the surface till boots on ground, then i found out most the orientation at fort...

CAROLINA_PRIDE in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 82 months ago

Hiring process - 2 Replies

I was contacted by a recruiter last week about a Security Specialist position in Kandahar. I have been filling out all of the paperwork my recruiter...

Thank you for your help in Virginia

Updated 82 months ago

DynCorp International Inc Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 5 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at DynCorp International Inc? What do you like best about...

justpassinthru in Plano, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

new job in Dyn - 1 Reply

Why dyncorp not want to employ more people from the Balkans? While we were working for small wages they are good now that we have the European...

Emir in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Electrician Test/Salary

Hello, can anyone tell me anything about this Electrician test? What kind of questions will be on it and what's the salary for this job in...

Paco_DeLaCruz in Iowa

Updated 85 months ago

processing - 5 Replies

Hey everyone. I'm suppose to go in process at fort worth. The email said we need 500 dollars. Do we actually need that cuz to be honest I don't have...

jdp2012 in Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

Medical Exam

Can someone tell me about the specifics of the medical exam necessary for work with Dyncorp at an FOB in Kandahar? Will being blind in one eye...

Ganesh 52 in Kathmandu, Nepal

can i get job in Alaska ?

hi all anybody can give me suggestion which company hiring foreign workers in Alaska ? i worked 2 years in KBR in IRAQ but now i would like to work...

Speedswing in Roanoke, Texas

DI recruiter called

Hey guys, i was just called by a recruiter for avionic job in kabul. My question is i have lost 50% of my hearing in my left ear. Will i be able...

willis21611 in League City, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Can you get sent home from Dallas? - 6 Replies

I applied, interviewed and was offered a job with Dyncorp within a month. I turned in my required papers and was sent the email saying I could come...

willis21611 in League City, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

dyncorp screening - 14 Replies

Hey, I know we have to do all medical screenings before we arrive but do we get checked again for our dental and stuff? My dentist was nervous about...

adminKS in Junction City, Kansas

Updated 87 months ago

Finished all paperwork...now what? - 6 Replies

So I have done all the paperwork, the medical and dental and fingerprints. What should I be on the lookout for now?

Freedom12 in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Recruiters NOT allowed to talk to me because I work for DynCorp!

WTF? What happened to the world of contracting! My contract is about to end and I need, want and am qualified for positions with other companies. The...

junebug in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 88 months ago

DynCorp BMI or Weight Limitations - 1 Reply

Does anybody know what the weight or BMI limits are for non-security positions in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Afghan Bound in Houston, Texas

hotel in ft worth

What hotel do you stay in in ft worth and are the rooms shared.

sel in Blue Springs, Missouri

Updated 89 months ago

DynCorp International Inc News and Happenings. - 30 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Junebug in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dyncorp Security Specialist

I just received an offer to become a security specialist in Kandahar. The job description speaks to doing biometric including iris scan and...

LogPro in Georgia

Updated 90 months ago

Who do you need to know to get on with DynCorp International - 1 Reply

I have done my level best to make good and decent contacts here in Kuwait, they tell me they have forward my resume and I have applied for jobs but...

IndianBoy in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


anyone tested positive with PPD Test? let me know what happened..

IndianBoy in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


anyone tested positive with PPD Test? let me know what happen..

WantingPoliceJob in Holcomb, Mississippi

Dyncorp Police Advisor Jobs Overseas

Has anyone worked one of these Police Advisor jobs in Iraq or Afgan? If so, what was it like and would you do it again? I am thinking of giving it...

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