Working at Dish Network

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Prestone818 in Pompano Beach, Florida

104 months ago

I was an employee with Dish Network in Littleton Colorado. My writing is truly factual. Everything looks great from the start. However this company is in shambles. Nothing flows right in the building. There are a million problems. They have extremely high turn over because they lie to interviewing candidates. I was told that I would average between 40-60k for an annual income. I worked there for 5 months and was on track to make $25k per year. Do not believe anything they say, or write on a job description.

What if I were to say that they steal half of your income? Well it is the truth. People leave so frequently because no one in the right mind would work for a company that seriously takes half of your income. For example...If you work in the sales department. If you do not close 30% of the incoming calls you will be paid half of your commission. Btw you are more or less straight commission. The calls that come in you cannot control. If someone calls in and hangs up without saying a word that counts against you. If someone calls and asks for Spanish sales that counts against you. So because of you doing your job and taking calls your income is being effecting by there inability to weed out calls.

We were told that the full 30% close ration would not be in effect until 90 days. Sure enough at 60 days 90% of my teams income was cut in half. With the other half going right to the company. They will offer you gifts and prizes to make you "work harder" but these gifts are hardly that. They are things the company bought with the money they stole from your other employees and myself.

I highly suggest that you do not get involved with this company. They will do everything possible to not give you unemployment. They will let you sit and decay in the office until you quit. The job postings look great...make 50-70k per year but believe me when I say you will not make that. 3 of every 4 sales employees does not hit the 30% close ratio. I will answer any questions.


Prestone818 in Denver, Colorado

104 months ago

[QUOTE who="Prestone818

Also if you think you have experienced a negative work environment think again. Practically everyone hates there job there and talk about it 24-7. I would never recommend a friend or family member to ever work there even if they were unemployed. You will work your tail off while earning wages equivalent to working at a retail store. The benefits are also laughable. Even with them you still have to pay for 70% of your doctor visits.


Techman123 in Massachusetts

79 months ago

I was just recently fired from Dish the reason I was told was performance which was a crock. Let me say a little about this company and how it runs. As a tech you are held responsible for everything you do example is the Pie incentive program that is complete bull. Tc-12s are your trouble calls within 12 days after completing a install. Now my idea of a tc-12 would be if a tech had to roll out to fix something that I cut corners like re-pointing my dish or having to run a new cable because I used existing and it was bad, but no you get hit with a Tc if the equip. fails lnbf goes bad or the customer messes up the install like getting a new TV and not knowing how to reconnect the rcvr. Now your chances of something failing was so high because all the equip used was re-manufactured never new. How fair is that when the tech has no control over that or acts of god. My Tc-12s where high at one point and that my FSM wrote me up because of it, when he told me the reasons bad Lnbf, Rcvr, 44 Switch, relocate Rcvr and when I said to my FSM how are those trouble calls on me when it was the equipment going bad not my workmanship, his reply was a Tc is a Tc. Very educated answer NOT. We were also held accountable to connect the customer Rcvr to either the internet or phone line, now I had no issue with that the issue I had was you had a connectivity score the average goal was 60% about 75% of these customer did not have neither they used a cell phone for phone service and allot of the customers said internet service was just to much money. The point I'm getting after is it was the techs fault because the customer did not have any of those services. I had said to my FSM is there a way the CSR can ask the customer on the initial call if broadband or phone service was available at the location, and if it was not to put it on the work order so the tech won"t get hit with no connectivity well that fell on deaf ears.


Rainbow1 in Houston, Texas

78 months ago

HELP!!! I would like to apply for Bilingual Customer Service position. I would love to know if the calls are in Spanish or in both languages.I speak great English but sometimes I can't understand parts of a conversation in English over the phone. I have all the qualifications for this job, but this is my only problem. Any response will be appreciate it, thanks!!!


Tired of being there. in Bloomfield, New Jersey

65 months ago

I just started working at dish. 12/14/2012. I'm still employed there but not for long. I'm expecting to be fired soon. They have this policy that u have to work mandatory OT. They explained its mandatory you work 55 hrs a week. With this there taken away your days off, schduleing u work OT without your permission. They give you no option to say yes or no. They automatically put u in. Even if you tell management I can't work. Dish management explains its mandatory. In there employee handbook it states. It's mandatory for you to work 40 hrs a week. Overtime is a option if its available. Now. I worked 90.22 hrs. When pd for my OT. I was only pd. 40.97. I worked 10.22hrs extra. Now during the orientation process u guaranteed 400 a week. Which equal 800 dollars every two weeks. Why my check with overtime was only 704.00? It's like I never will work OT ever again. It's a rip off. The company r liars, and nothing they say is true. I'm not bitter or mad. I'm tired of companies like this. Ripping the employees off for there own gratification. If you 1min late: They take all your OT. This company is false. Everything they do is false, and there ripping the employees off everyday. They don't even pay you your commission if you don't make over the 400 dollars they guaranteed you. So if I only make 300 dollars. They keep that too. Only pay u 10.00 hr. to shut u up. No one in NJ can live off this. Don't work for this company. They give u nothing they promised.


TheWolfer in Denver, Colorado

61 months ago

I agree. I worked here for 30 days until the end of training. You are paid $10/hr to train. They hire anyone off the street, including High School dropouts, no college degree, partial degree, people desperate for money, anyone that can't find work elsewhere. From day 1 they are super shady. They have you sign a sheet stating how you understand you aren't paid time and a half for overtime but then you also have to work overtime, HAVE TO. It is mandatory or you are fired. This is how it works. They say if you work overtime your percentage factor for commissions goes up to say 125%. However, if you are 1 minute late you get what is called an "occurrence". That somehow gives them the right to not pay you overtime. So since you sign that paper I think you basically make them immune to being sued. That's why they do it day one first thing you get there. First thing they do is hand that sheet out and tell you to sign it. Ha ha, I knew at that moment that all the things I read online were true and not read by disgruntled employees that were fired. Everything you read here is true.

I took the sales job. And like most sales jobs the company is trying to find a way to not pay you. Dish just takes it to the ultimate extreme. You have to close 30% or more to get paid well. And if someone calls in hangs up or is just shopping prices(which ALOT of people are doing) that counts against you. By the way the customers at Dish have some credit issues. Which hurts you because you have to have a valid debit or credit card to qualify and run a credit check with the customer's social security number. A lot of people have really bad credit and when that happens they have to buy the equipment and pay an activation fee of up to $199. Sometimes a customers first bill could be as high as $500 and more and you are supposed to sell that by saying well you don't have to have a contract. It's a joke trust me. DO NOT WORK AT DISH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!


boomboomroom in Denver, Colorado

61 months ago


I see a huge number of complaints and comments from ex- or current employees. I have been with the company for 5 months as a Tech installer. Yes, training was out of town, yes the job is a little harder then people assume, and YES there are downsides to the job. Every job out there has downsides. First of all, to all of the people complaining about the long hours. If you would have honed your skills as an installer, and did things right the first go-round, you would have been home every day at a decent time. Secondly, if you give this job 100% effort each and every day, you wouldn't have hated it so much. As I stated earlier, I have been a remote tech for 5 months now. The long days that I put in are only long because of the drive back home. I am now doing 4 or 5 jobs per day, every day, and I am still home to relax at a decent time every single night. As for the Pi scoring, since joining the team, I took it upon myself to have pride in my job. Because of this, I am on the top 5 list for each metric of the pi except for the points per hour, and that is only because of the driving time. Most remote techs have this problem with PPH. As for the people saying that management is SH%^, you need to stop blaming management for your failure. My FSM, ROM, GM, and so on have been nothing but helpful the entire time. If you suck at your job no matter who you work for, you are going to end up hating management. Now, all of you need to stop being so damn negative and one sided. As for the people that are here because they are interested in applying for a position, DO IT!!! Just make sure that you take pride in your work, give it 100% every day, and stay away from the negative "Dark Side", and you will love the company, job, and customers. Have a great day!!!


tigerlilly0820 in Lakewood, Colorado

53 months ago

New Dish motto should be: ""We Thrive In Ambiguity And Lack Of Humanity, But At Least We're Dishonest."

Dish is a cesspool of inhumanity. And exploitation.

Assume whatever Mgmt tells you or promises you is a misrepresentation at best.
It's most likely a blatant lie AND a manipulation. Don't fall for their crazy-making "all calls are the same. Everyone gets the same opportunity." HA! The calls are ROUTED. (and sure, you can have a GREAT day, but they'll route you ka-ka at some point in the week to make sure you don't make a lot of $$). Except for their "special" reps. It's not a secret anymore that certain reps consistently get the front-line calls. The callers are pre-qualified, double-screened and are ready to buy. It's not magic. It's deliberate.

Honesty and integrity are not valued; actually, they are feared. Top-heavy management style consisted of immense lack of a savvy, lack of caring, and an inhumane management style. That, and a surplus of micro management. Not an inspiring combo.

Constant revamping of pay structure into a complex web of mathematical algorithms is intentional. There's no simple, stream-lined way to track/project what pay you can anticipate. Greed. Charlie loves our money we made him. He's old now. And Karma's a b****.

And get this!! Dish allocates approx $1.5 MILLION/year for "prizes" (via raffles!! SERIOUSLY??). So basically you're walking into a nasty gamble. If you can afford to gamble away your livelihood, knock yourself out!

The cost relating to attrition there is sky-high. I never understood why they nurtured the "revolving door/our-employees-are-completely-dispensable-and-of-little-interest-to-us" mentality. Expensive business practice.

**When one spouse works at Dish, relationships suffer. Marriages fall apart. If you have minor kids PLEASE do not risk your family for this nonsense. Don't miss out of the BEST part of life and the people who truly care about you.


remotetechalso in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

34 months ago

I cover a pretty low income area so sales are super hard to come by. It is also true the metrics our bonuses are calculated by are often as out of reach as they are out of our control. The starting salary is high for high school level education, though, and is a livable wage even if you don't get bonuses. I recommend applying at Dish to lots of young people I meet.


seveance in Hurricane, Utah

21 months ago

Im trying to figure out how yall cant close 30% of incoming calls. I work at phone sales for people transfering there power then try to sell them TV and internet. So they dont even call me. And i close 40% and my dish % is 15% of my calls. The other 25% is other TV and internet providers. I feel like if you have even a small selling bone in your pants you can close 30% of people looking into the service... They called you for info on dish. What more can you ask for?

Put the coffee down and close some deals


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