how do others feel about Ecolab????

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dish doctor in South Carolina

120 months ago

Ive' learned alot from being an Ecolab slave!


Sandra B in Zagreb, Croatia

118 months ago

work on saturdays...


KennyBo in Wichita, Kansas

98 months ago

Let me add my two cents on Ecolab. I worked for them for almost 13 years starting as a service manager, working my way up to route manager and then route supervisor. My last supervisor was the most ego-maniacal micromanaging control freak I have ever met. Sneakiness and lying were second nature to him. As I said I worked for Ecolab for 13 years starting as a service manager and working my way up to route manager and then route supervisor. As a Service Manager a typical work week for me was around 60+ hours, I drove around 2,000+ miles a month and was expected to pay my own fuel and expenses and then wait a month to be reimbursed. Service Managers were the lowest paid field associates in the company who received no appreciation or respect and had no bonus opportunities of any kind. If I divided the hours I worked in to my Service Manager’s salary I generally made around minimum wage. After being promoted to Route Manager the Ecotemp Route Managers compensation was so poor and lopsided compared to a TM that the first two years I was a route manager I made less money than I had the previous two years as a Service Manager. Every year that Ecolab would “re-map” the routes in my route group my RM’s as well as I always lost money. Every time Ecolab changed the compensation for route managers or route supervisors under the guise of being a good thing you could absolutely count on losing money off your base salary. This included parts of your base salary that you had “earned” by making budget, you were then expected to earn the same money “again”.
A few years back, after the Pest Division managers in California won their lawsuit against Ecolab the company quickly changed the way they compensated Service Managers, undoubtedly to avoid another law suit. The biggest change to the compensation was that Service Mangers were to work “only” 40 hours a week. Ecolab has now done away with the Service Manger position all together. I’m sure because when they could no l


adonb in Brooklyn, New York

82 months ago

The main problem you find in all of ecolab and in most of the posts around the web is management.

The goal of mangers is to work less and blame everybody else. Of course there are a few good mangers in the company but in general the management teams are made up of egomaniacs that are heartless.

You will be on call 24/7. Its not supposed to be that way but the managers don't care. Upper management is always making up new rules and regulations that have nothing to do with providing a better service to the customer.

They are convinced that these rules are to better serve the account but since they spend about an hour a month out in the field how would they know?

If management wanted ensure better service by actually going out into the field and getting there hands dirty then ecolab would be a much better company to not only to work for but to invest in.

I have 14 mangers yes 14 in my division above me. Not one of those managers job is to actually come out into the field and assist me when I need help or fall behind on my work. What they do is a question that investors should be asking.


kodjfa in Madison, Wisconsin

80 months ago

I have an interview for Pest Elimination/utility specialist. What do you do? how do the hiring process go?, Where is the training? how regularly do you get paid?, How do you make it here? and anything you wanna share. Thank you.


Billy in Statesboro, Georgia

77 months ago

It's a horrible company to work for, work like a slave, never see your family, and I could never get any help from my supervisor.....


life and work balance please in sacramento, California

59 months ago

i would have to agree with the inability that ecolab has in seeing a work and life balance with its worker bees! instead of listening to its employees on how to better maintain a better work life balance to help foster stronger happier and more productive employees they rather care about numbers more! I wish they realize that at least half their employees they fire are really burned out employees! even though i still work for them i have seen some really good employees with ecolab finally stop trying because they our burned out working so much, working so many odd hours and what do you get? sympathy no you get yelled at for not having you're equipment cleaned enough even though they ask you on you're off time to answer a call back!! if you value you're private time or have a good family life run away from this company quick!!!!!
private time isn't in their vocabulary!!!


EcoLies in Utah

15 months ago

I agree with everything you all posted!
My experience has been interesting, to say the least.
I have worked there for 2 years. I am currently in the process of being fired because they claim I failed to complete my required tasks ( specific performance). - But the truth of the matter is that I tore my ACL and required surgery. My DM pressured me to return before I finished my physical therapy- pretty much told me they would fill my position (while I was on FMLA) if I did not return by a specific date. Once I got back, they had stolen most of the parts out of my car, broke my tablet, and didn't caretake my accounts, setting me up for failure. No one lent me parts and I couldn't order any because of years end- or whatever. Plus- the other guys started referring to me as the b@#+! or GIMP among other things. My knee didn't heal properly. I am seeking legal representation for constructive Discharge, hostile work environment, and violations of FMLA and workers comp laws.
They tried getting me to quit, but realizing I wouldn't, my DM threw me under the bus by purposely screwing up my installs and account relationships....
So yeah, hard to work for, lies upon lies, and burn out.
Saddens me- it was a good job. Until I got hurt on the job and the insults started.
Anyone else have this happen?


irishangel in Burlington, New Jersey

13 months ago

I'm glad all of you posted because I need to get out of a terrible retail job at Rite Aid and was going to apply at Ecolab. I'm a hardworker and don't mind the hours since I do not have a family. But I want to be paid for what I bring to the company. So Ecolab sounds like Rite Aid. I think I'll stick with the illogical nonsense at Rite Aid and look elsewhere. Thanks for all your inputs!! It helped make my decision


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