Eddie Bauer Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Eddie Bauer?

What do you like best about working at Eddie Bauer? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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Michelle in Bloomington, Indiana

130 months ago

what are the average starting salaries and benefits for assistant managers

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bequietbekind in Tacoma, Washington

57 months ago

I can only speak for myself. The pay varies WIDELY based on store location and store volume. I did two different management positions at two different stores with different sales volumes. I was privy to the pay of some individuals who worked below me. I have no idea how my pay stacks up against others in my same position at different stores with my same amount of retail experience.

My starting yearly pay as an Assistant Manager was 34,000. It was hourly and I qualified for overtime. This is not to say I worked a lot of overtime as it was expressed to me to be a very bad thing to do and I was strongly pressured to start and end my shifts on time, regardless of the size of my to-do list. I also got bonuses.

Starting salary as a Co-Manager was 39,000 plus bonuses. This was a salary position, I did not earn overtime and averaged anywhere between 40-60 hours a week based on the business.

Sales Supervisors work 40 hours a week, qualify for bonuses and overtime, and earn about 12/hour. The job is demanding and underpaid in my opinion. They are required to do an Assistant Manager's job at a Key-holder's pay.

Hourly Key-holders do not qualify for bonuses and start anywhere between 9-12/hour. This is usually just a part-time position. Maybe 30 hours a week on average.

Hourly Sales Associates do not earn bonuses. They can start anywhere from minimum wage to 10/hour or more based on their retail experience, number of annual raises, and the whim of the hiring manager, from what I can tell.

Bonuses vary widely based on how well your store does and what kind of bonus structure is currently used (they restructure the bonus system a LOT in not-so-subtle attempts to make us work harder to earn smaller bonuses). Bonuses are based on meeting shrink goals and meeting monthly sales goals. I once earned a $900 bonus in December for the store exceeding sales goal. My average bonus was around $135 if we made our month.

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Tom in Clarksburg, West Virginia

51 months ago

Michelle in Bloomington, Indiana said: what are the average starting salaries and benefits for assistant managers

I worked for JAB almost 2 yrs as Asst Mgr. I'm retired at 59, and a loyalcustomer of EB for 40yrs. Get a high money quote ASAP,because under JAB, you'll work your ass off, typically at 1/2 what your manager makes. Employee disc means nothing @ 40% because they have sales constantly often at50%. You'll have many partimers andalwaysbe training someone, setting up sales after hours. In network transfers, make inventory always very wrong! Online purchases are returned to stores.

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