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Patrick S. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

How to get a job at Edward Jones. - 2423 Replies

Do you work at Edward Jones? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Sincerely81 in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 3 months ago

BOA (Branch Office Administrator) questions... - 7 Replies

How difficult is it to get a BOA position at EJ? What are the hours and starting salary like? Seems like most of the posts in this forum are FA...

Sincerely81 in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

BOA Credit Check? - 2 Replies

I've just been offered an interview for a BOA position and I'm wondering if they do a credit check for this position or just a background check? I...

Sincerely81 in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

Background checks for FA positions - 6 Replies

I had some issues, stupid little misdemeanors in 98 and 99, total of 3 in a short time frame. I had totally forgot about them until it was brought...

Tim in Seattle, Washington

Updated 4 months ago

Edward Jones Business Plan - 3 Replies

Hello, I am on step 6 of the 10 for the hiring process for EJ. I spoke to the recruiter yesterday and he is sending me an email with the name of a...

TAZ in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 16 months ago

Edward Jones Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 45 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Edward Jones? What do you like best about working at...

Shirel in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 17 months ago

Assessment Test - Edward Jones - 2 Replies

I'm on the last step of EJ interview process. Can somebody tell me how was the assessment test? What would they ask and how should I talk in order...

TC in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 19 months ago

Time off at Edward Jones - 9 Replies

How much time off are you able to take during the first couple of years, or even during training. Do you just have to produce, or do you have to ask...

Ralston in Hollister, California

Moving investments to Edward Jones

During the interview, were you asked if you would move your investments to Edward Jones?

Jenny in Saint Louis, Missouri

Cover letters

I am trying to apply for a position in the St. Louis area and get a cover letter together. I can not figure out how to get the correct HR address. I...

Cayenne in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

Business Plan questions - 3 Replies

I just received the email to go out and perform the survey and business plan. I understand the EJ business model is to go door to door and I'm good...

kath in Anaheim, California

Updated 31 months ago

FACD date of offer? - 1 Reply

How long after finishing the simulation did it take for you to receive your official offer? What month was it?

kjc70 in Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

Edward Jones Business Plan

Hello, I am on step 6 of the 10 for the hiring process for EJ. I spoke to the recruiter yesterday and he is sending me an email with the name of a...

Michael in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 55 months ago

Income Expected At Edward Jones - 12 Replies

I'm looking at a career change from the mortgage industry into the Financial Conulting industry with Edward Jones. They seem to have a proven system...

Just another FA in Cumming, Georgia

Updated 57 months ago

Received the offer & having 2nd thoughts, please please help! - 36 Replies

Hello everyone! I received the offer package last Friday, which I was so excited about! After reading through the lengthy contract and the...

EJBOA in Louisiana

Updated 57 months ago

BOAs - 4 Replies

This has been the worst company I have ever worked for with so much red tape and corporate bull and there is no system in place as advocate for the...

Steve G in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 61 months ago

Study for success to FA - 1 Reply

Hello, I will be starting the study for success program real soon! Is there anyone else who will is starting the program real soon? I am looking to...

SBfinance in Oklahoma

Questions from a prospective applicant

Hello, I am in the beginning stages of my application to work for Edward Jones and was hoping someone could help me with some honest answers. Please...

Cohoma in Scituate, Massachusetts

Updated 64 months ago

Questions about Edward Jones Surveying/Business plan. - 2 Replies

I spent around 5-6 hours yesterday knocking on about a total of 75 places (both businesses and residences combined). Due to being in the process of...

curious in East Northport, New York

2 in person interviews for BOA?

I just had my first in person interview for Branch Office Administrator this past thursday and was called on saturday to come in for a second in...

Ray in Indianapolis, Indiana

planning calendar

I am doing the business plan and was curious what they want to see on the weekly calendar. Office time, cold calling, networking etc? Any advise?

Ghost1442 in Taunton, Massachusetts

Updated 76 months ago

survey process for Edward Jones - rethinking - 2 Replies

Well I am in the survey part of the interview process. I did 10 yesterday and promised I'd do 18 with the idea of completing 25 prior to my interview...

michigan_mommy in Holland, Michigan

Updated 76 months ago

BOA for edward jones - 1 Reply

How long does the background check take for this position? Do they do it before F2F interviews or after?

NoCompromise77 in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 79 months ago

Edward Jones Hiring Process - Unethical? - 44 Replies

Let me just say that I have a solid background in face to face sales, have worked in the IT industry a number of years and hold a Master of Business...

El Tigre in Washington

Updated 80 months ago

Networking Group for the Aug 17th Start Date - 3 Replies

Hello! This discussion is specially designed for new FAs that are starting on August 17th (woo hoo)! I don't know about the rest of you,...

Mike in Albany, New York

Assets under management?

Hey everyone. I was wondering what would be a realistic expectation of assets under management for my first year as a FA? I'm new to the industry...

jones2012 in montgomery, Alabama

Interview Process for FA position

I have been through the phone interview and the face to face interview. Those went really well. I should be getting an email today I was told on the...

jrozz in Kingston, Rhode Island

Updated 84 months ago

Edward Jones Pass Program Starting June 2012 - 2 Replies

Hi all I am starting the pass program in June, and was looking for either A. Other people in the program currently past, or signed up for the same...


New Financial Advisor Question

I'm brand new to the gig and just looking for some good advice. How do you spend your week? How do you kick it off on Monday? How do you shut it...

daisy_7788 in Temple, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

f2f interview - 2 Replies

Hello, I have my f2f interview tomorrow and was wondering what to expect? Any advice would be great!! Thanks

Vensik in -, Virginia

Updated 89 months ago

Pursuing an Financial Advisor position at Edward Jones - 2 Replies

I would like to know how you build your business as an Financial Advisor. Does Edward Jones supply the leads or do you go door to door and find them...

Kristie in Lodi, California

Updated 90 months ago

PASS Program - 13 Replies

has anyone here been through the PASS program? I have been advised to do so after I had gone through the interview process. I am for sure doing it, I...

William Wall in Edison, Illinois

Updated 91 months ago

Door to Door - 3 Replies

Please help I am in the final stages. I committed to 25 surveys, I did 30 but only about half gave me phone numbers. Do you need to get all phone...

Jeff in Addison, Illinois

Updated 94 months ago

Edward Jones PASS Program (St. Louis starting June 20, 2011) - 2 Replies

Hey everybody, I am about to begin studying for my series 7 and 66 licenses in April and begin training in St. Louis in June. If you are in this...

ahaler1 in Wantagh, New York

Further Training

Hi guys, I was curious if EJs encourages further education once you start your job as an FA. I'm sure that it would gain you more trust in the...

The Captain in Huntersville, North Carolina

What's the company culture at Edward Jones?

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Edward Jones? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

sw3180 in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 106 months ago

Pass Program - August 16th, October 18th - 4 Replies

Let me know if any of you are in the Pass Program group that starts studying on August 16th and goes to St. Louis on October 18th

sw3180 in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 106 months ago

Edward Jones PASS Program vs. Fidelity Investments - 1 Reply

I have recently accepted to go through the Edward Jones PASS program. I also just received an offer from Fidelity Investments as a financial...

Recruited in Bremerton, Washington

Career with EJ

So I've been thinking about a career change lately and I updated my resume and posted it on monsterjobs. Within a couple days an EJ recruiter...

msugrad in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Updated 107 months ago

Offer to a Pass Program - 5 Replies

Hey everybody. Sorry Im new to the board, but I felt that opening a new topic would be the easiest way to get my answer directly. I was offered...

eaglesmoney in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 107 months ago

July 6, 2010 Start Date - 6 Replies

My start date is July 6th and I would like to get into contact with others who have the same start date! I am graduating from College in May...

eaglesmoney in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 107 months ago

June 14, 2010 start date. - 2 Replies

Is anyone starting with Edward Jones PASS program on June 14, 2010?

eaglesmoney in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 107 months ago

PASS Program vs. Rotational Development Program - 1 Reply

I am a recent college graduate and I am currently in the process of interviewing for both the PASS Program and RDP. I am unsure if I am going to be...

navy1983 in San Diego, California

Updated 109 months ago

New Hire Beginning March 15 2010 - 11 Replies

I am beginning my study program March 15, would love to hear from others who begin the same time. I ahould be going to Tempe, Let's start a support...

Vensik in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Updated 109 months ago

Selling your office?? - 1 Reply

When you retire, do you "sell" your office, clients, etc., back to Jones? How does the transaction work? Are you vested in the company? It's not a...

U R in United Kingdom

Edward Jones Career Scope

I am in a transitional position in my career and would like your suggestions to whether I should aggressively pursue the Edward Jones opportunity...

MyWayToTalk in Simp, South Carolina

Updated 111 months ago

Edward Jones What are the odds...... - 3 Replies

of getting hired with Edward Jones after declining a first offer? The Story..... I had transfered with a company in which I'm a minority...

Vensik in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Updated 111 months ago

Can i have a hobby that pays with EJ's? - 2 Replies

Hey guys I know its hard work from what I have been reading. But can i have a hobby or something? For example: If i enter tournaments at the...

grimlog in Phoenix, Arizona

Background issues - Edward Jones

I have a 15 year old felony, class 6, sold cable boxes when I was younger. It has since been set aside and dismissed and I have no problem getting...

Texasliving in Granbury, Texas

Updated 113 months ago

Networking Group for November 9th or 23rd Start Dates - 3 Replies

I am starting my studying November 9th or 23rd, and wanted to get in contact with anyone else out there starting the same time. Anyone interested?

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