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Updated 12 days ago

fedex hiring process - 138 Replies

Have an issue applying for Fed-Ex Warehouse. I can't even change the year on the (Start to Finish) on the "10 year history of work employment". It...

terry5929 in Lake Oswego, Oregon

FedEx Express Hiring Process

I applied for a part-time material handler position in Tualatin, Oregon about 3 weeks ago and still have not heard from them yet about scheduling an...

Sharonmartin in Denver, Colorado

Under reveiwed at corporate

I put in a application at fedex and got a call saying my application was at corporate under reveiw what does this mean do i have the job

Mitten103 in San Jose, California

Updated 1 month ago

FedEx Freight hiring process? - 8 Replies

Ok, here's my story.... I applied for FedEx Freight part time dock work, around early August. I had receive a call to come for an interview around da...

Laeknishendr in Pflugerville, Texas

FedEx Ground & Security employee issue

Last night, I got off work loading what I could into a trailer I was assigned. I went to the security building to relax a bit and talk with security...

Doggface614 in Columbus, Ohio

FedEx ground

They keep denying my application I'm not understanding ❓

Curiosity2.0 in Bradford, Arkansas

FedEx Job Status

I applied for an Analyst position with FedEx. I was called for a phone interview and about a week or two later I went in for an in person interview....

tomtom in Milton, Massachusetts

Updated 12 months ago


FedEX hiring practices are astonishing. They have no problem wasting your time for a job that MAY comeup 6 months from now. FEDEX Advertises a job...

Dollana in Ashburn, Virginia

Contact with people.

I want to get a job at the call center. I would like to talk with people who work in Fedex, I want to understand whether it's worth to go on this...

BananaKiss in Chicago, Illinois

Fed ex Ground

I Had an interview for Fed ex ground! 2 days after applying online . I have not received an email for the BGC does that mean I Did not get the Job?

chriso101 in Wilson, North Carolina

Possible to be rehired after termination for no call no show

Hello, looking for some insight. Last December of 2016 I worked at fedex ground as a package handler for only a week until I had a personal situation...

Jeffdean0057@*****.*** in Santa Clara, California

How do you get a interview with FedEx

How do you get a interview with FedEx

Patrick Patterson

Updated 31 months ago

Part time Fedex Courier - 3 Replies

How long does it usually take to become a full time driver?

Edward.Hepburn@*****.*** in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 32 months ago

Drug test - 1 Reply

Does fedex ground drug test? I got hired as paxkage handler i got my background check done. I attended orentation and i have training tomorrow. When...

sanders in Fairburn, Georgia

Updated 32 months ago

Fed ex package handler hiring process - 1 Reply

Hey guys question. I am thinking about applying for fed ex as a package handler for a night shift around 1030pm-3am. I am worried that they till call...

l in Sayreville, New Jersey

fedEX operations admin

I have an interview for fedEX operations admin coming up. If someone can tell me what the job is like and how the pay is ?

l in Sayreville, New Jersey

Updated 34 months ago

What's the company culture at FedEx? - 27 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at FedEx? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

James in Los Angeles, California

Fedex Hiring process

I was offered the job as part time currier, i excepted the offer and signed the exceptance letter. I was then sent for drug test and physical, which...

Alex in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 43 months ago

Ground and Freight - 1 Reply

Hey everyone, I've been searching around for answers to this question but I haven't been able to find any answers. Is it possible to work at two...

Mommuh in AVON, Indiana


Can you reapply for employment after being terminated? Does it depend on the circumstances that lead to termination? ( ex. attendance )( but...

Erica B in Brooklyn, New York

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xsrossiter in California

Updated 57 months ago

How to get a job at FedEx. - 6 Replies

Do you work at FedEx? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

charles sessler in Binghamton, New York

Updated 59 months ago

Fedex Courier Position - 4 Replies

Is there a difference between a Fedex Courier and a Fedex Delivery Driver or are they the same thing? The position is part-time? If you prove...

john in Little Rock, Arkansas

package handlers-- are personal lockers or similar storage available at facilities?

I ride a motorcycle and will need somewhere to store my cold weather/rain gear. But I doubt they want people coming in with backpacks, etc for...

Mass. Wine Guy in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Updated 62 months ago

FEDEX - 3 Replies

I have applied for many FedEx postions that I am over qualified for, and they simply will not even take a look at me. I am in my 50's and by the...

Mass. Wine Guy in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Updated 62 months ago

FedEx - 15 Replies

I iook their 5 hour test and nearly aced it and still can't get a reply back from them! I made the mistake of listing ny age which is between 52 and...

cjewell in Oxford, Mississippi

Updated 67 months ago

FedEx Sales Plan for interview? - 10 Replies

So I am in the last phase of the interview process for FedEx with Inside Sales. As part of my interview they sent me a spreadsheet containing a...

trust is in key in Bolingbrook, Illinois

FedEx empoyment prospects at this time?

I'm wondering what the situation with FedEx is like currently. It's 2014 so have they improved their policies and work situations or are they still...

j hoffa in Westland, Michigan

Updated 70 months ago

FedEx News and Happenings. - 208 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Grace in Indianapolis, Indiana

Days worked

How many days of the week do you work as a part timer, third shift?

davsimmon45@*****.*** in Salem, Illinois

Updated 84 months ago

Web site is broken - 1 Reply

I tried applying for a network position and their website is so much of a hassle that I gave up. Each entry screen had a pop up error message. I...

Mr. SNL in Yorba Linda, California

What are my chances of getting hired at Fedex?

I applied to Fedex last year for a customer service associate job and was denied, I didn't even get an interview. When I applied I had four years...

Robert Snowden in Olney, Maryland

Updated 100 months ago


Just curious, I recently had an interview with FedEx smartpost and wanted to know what a reasonable amount of time to wait is to expect a response. ...

epic in Toronto, Ontario

How do I prepare for an Account Manager interview with FedEx?

Recently, I interviewed with a headhunter who used to work at FedEx. He knows the district sales manager so he was able to setup an interview. It's...

larrylpsr in Kansas City, Missouri

Driver Training program

I presently work part-time on the docks at Fedx and resently applied for driver trainee program. Many questions, pay while training? length of...

mcconnon 2 in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Updated 105 months ago

Package Handler, On-call/Casual - 1 Reply

I have been hired as on-call/casual package handler. Just wondering how much hours in a week does this position covers?

j hoffa in Westland, Michigan

Updated 128 months ago

FedEx Ground - 5 Replies

I work at FedEx, while trying to pass a double parked FedEx Ground truck I hit and cracked his mirror. We decided to keep quiet about it but he...

j hoffa in Westland, Michigan

Updated 128 months ago

How can I be a contractor of Fedex LTL? - 1 Reply

I am working for a contractor now. When I asked him how can I be a contractor , he said "I have a contract with Fedex, none of my employee can be a...

jims2321 in Orlando, Florida

Updated 130 months ago

Collections Agent in Call center, PA - 1 Reply

Hi all, Can anyone tell me what this position is like and the typical hours/pay? The ad lists taking inbound calls from customers to pay off...

enforcer1 in Oyster Bay, New York

buying a fedex route and looking for a driver

In New York I am looking for anyone selling a fedex route. 5 boroughs or Nassau or Suffolk county. And I am also looking for a driver with a clean...

Clayton Payvay in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 137 months ago

what is the orientation for the mail handler position like? - 1 Reply

how many days altogether and how many hrs in those days? also, what do u do? also, same question for the training part. thanks in advance...

hco in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Account Executive Inside Sales FedEx Freight

Im looking at starting a career with FedEx Freight Does anyone work for FexEx Freight with inside sales What does the job actually entail? do you...

FedexSuxx in Staten Island, New York

Updated 143 months ago

FedEx Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 9 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at FedEx? What do you like best about working at FedEx? Are...

prasann in Buffalo, New York

Updated 146 months ago

Fedex Corp Interview process, salary and benefits - 2 Replies

All, Can someone tell me what is the interview process for Fedex Services group for the position - Sr Programmer Analyst? I have already cleared...

Tishea in Baltimore, Maryland

I used to Work at the FedEx call center

I used to work here for two years. Everybody that worked there when I was there is gone or is trying their best to look for another job. Everything...

josh in Williamsburg, Virginia

MBA salary

whats the range of salaries for MBAs. More particularly in marketing.

John in Bronx, New York

Account Executive-Field-White Plains, NY

Does anyone know what the base salary of Account Executive-Field? What are the commissions like? Does anyone know the address of the Fed Ex in...

notachance in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Updated 149 months ago

FedEx - 3 Replies

My questions are mostly posted already, but I'm keen to know; company culture- Is it really deserved to "Fortune's top 100 companies to work for". ...

chris hickman in Dallas, Texas

Job Interview

Does Fedex call if you go to a job overview and fill out all the paperwork they give you to apply for the job to let you know if your going to be...

tman in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Updated 153 months ago

FedEx Interview Questions. - 2 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

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