How to get a job at FedEx.

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Do you work at FedEx? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?


Hwyfly in Saint Paul, Minnesota

138 months ago

Around here in Minnesota, you need one year of experience before they will hire you!

Good Luck! Hwyfly


jhoffa in Westland, Michigan

108 months ago

go to your nearest trash collector and they can get you a job at fedex


jims2321 in Orlando, Florida

106 months ago

Okay, then I believe the call back is just to clarify some details. I am still a little perplexed by the hold FedEx interviewing seasonal workers to hire them thru an agency. Usually it is the other way around. You go thru agency hire/application, they do all the background checks, and then they setup an interview with the client. But this is just another sign of how screwed up FedEx has become.

Best of Luck


steveodom23 in Saint Louis, Missouri

64 months ago

Keith in Sheffield Lake, Ohio said: Wow I was going to apply for a Center Consultant job but I don't have the retail experience. I have equivalent type experience in industry.

Plus, I have more than the required high school diploma. I have an engineering degree. How would they accept someone with my qualifications?

Also, why is FedEx hiring people who will get mad and harrass their coworkers?

I have an interview with FedEx Thursday for this Consultant position what exactly is this


omar caban in San Juan, Puerto Rico

47 months ago

Iam very interested to get a job in fed ex.I am from Puerto Rico,but i like to work in the USA.


xsrossiter in California

41 months ago

FedEx to some degree is Fred Smith who is demanding yet tolerant. Right now the company is a bit brutal in expecting new hires to meet stringent goals quickly. Most people can do it but if you do not like being pushed around a bit in the process do not bother hiring on.

You get better with time, the route I currently run is rated at 13 stops per hour but my average is 16+. It just comes natuarally after awhile.

Once you have been in position for a year or more you can bid on routes anywhere within the system so the company allows you to move according to yur life plans if you are patient.

In my case I have hired on three seperate times and I am glad the company has taken me back and my natural inclination to work fast and be nice to the customers keeps them happy with me.

It is too bad they have taken the career path out of being a courier by keeping hours under 40 for full-timers but maybe the brutal economics dictate this. I am not sure. How can you expect a person to dedicate themselves to a system that keeps them from succeeding financially over the long haul? So, they can support 101 golf tournaments, stock car races and tennis matches but the sad truth is the early call of "Absolutely, positively, overnight" has been reduced to "get off the clock."


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