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Stephen Mason in West Chester, Pennsylvania

70 months ago

I got out with a medical discharge in 1993. I was awarded 50% disability. I have a large family so when I first went to the VA, I was offered the college tuition for disabled veterans (I did not pay into GI Bill) but I turned it down because my family and I could not live on what they offered per month for me to be a full time student. My Military job was electronics/computer related. In the civilian world I worked in the IT industry and eventually during Y2K, I ended up as a software programmer. I had taken a few programming classes and I am very good at (I always enjoyed it) but still no formal degree. I also keep my skills up to date with courses online and at C.C. and can also teach myself a new language in a week or two. Because of the Y2K programming opportunity I excelled using my skills to the point I am now in IT management and I am doing well. I would like to find a Federal job in IT and hopefully take part time classes to complete my degree. I am looking on and almost every job that would pay my bills requires a bachelors degree. I went back to the VA and still cannot afford to be a full time student and pay my bills. Is there a way I can explain on my resume that I am already working and excelling in fields that require a bachelors degree and have the equivalent knowledge and experience and I wish to pursue my degree as soon as I can? The VA will not pay me to go to school part time. It's full time or nothing. The rest of my Federal resume looks excellent with 19 years of solid IT experience plus my Military experience. I also have excellent references from all my managers. Is there anyone with any suggestions? I'm even OK with take a Federal job in a geographical location with a lower cost of living at lower pay so I can finish my degree and then I could apply for better positions after that.

Thank you

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Aman Kumar in Ludhiana, India

56 months ago

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Federal Government Jobs? Any advice on striking the right note?

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