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Strong Wife

Updated 1 month ago

LOGCAP IV INFO - 10956 Replies

[QUOTE who="brown200914@*****.*** in Houston, Texas"]Please can you help me to get a job In Afghanistan? Please can you provide me the fluor jobs...


Updated 3 months ago

Connecting to a Fluor Recruiter - 17 Replies

Facilty Manager, Maintenaces Manager


Updated 7 months ago

Fluor recruting process - 2 Replies

Hi, I had a fone interview with Fluor for the position associate process engr for the Aliso Vejio area. The interview went quite well, but its...

Brian in Chardon, Ohio

Laborer- first fluor application & info

A friend of mine who works electrical for fluor in AFG recently told me to apply. Since I don't really have a huge skill set other than a will to...

Margaret in Dallas, Texas

Nuclear outages

I've worked one nuclear outage, trying to get in the loop of recruiters thru different contractors, any information will be appreciated

greenmorris11@*****.*** in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 19 months ago

Fluor LOGCAP IV From which region does Fluor hire from? Security Clearance? - 2 Replies

Does Fluor hire from the USA? It says on may of their job descriptions that they are hiring in the Balkans. Does this mean that Americans can't get...

Bigflexx@*****.*** in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Looking for an overseas truck driving job.

I have 12 yrs driving truck, local and over the road, I have my twic, my hazmat, tanker, passport. I don't know where to start to look for a...

Mark Menefee in Savannah, Georgia


In search of up incoming and current contracts open for hire overseas.

cbleu7847 in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

Fluor Jobs - 7 Replies

I've applyed and applyed for several jobs for Fluor Corp, and every one of them always have pending review. Does anyone out there know if they are...

brown200914 in Houston, Texas

Please help me

I applied for Billeting Technician,labor foreman, material and logistic coordinator , laundry foreman and MWR coordinator with fluor. and my DOD is...

Quinton Boyd Jr in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

How to get a job at Fluor Corp.. - 13 Replies

Do you work at Fluor Corp.? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

EJackson1 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 42 months ago

Overseas Deployment Packing List - 1 Reply

I'm sure it's been discussed before, but apparently I need to get my eyes checked. For those of you that have already deployed or getting ready to...

mehdi from kosovo in Albania

Updated 55 months ago

Camps in Afghanistan - 13 Replies

Does anybody know what the best camps and worst camps are in Afghanistan. Hopefully soon I should be heading out there in A couple of weeks with ITT...

Leon in Ames, Iowa

Application Status Under Consideration

I have submitted an online application to Fluor in Feb 9th, 2014. The status changed to under consideration 1-2 weeks afterward. I have waited for a...

Holly in Clayton, California

Background Check timeline

Anyone know how long it takes to receive clearance after submitting SP85. Will they still send you to Greenville if 3 weeks have passed since you...

Junita17 in Hinesville, Georgia

Logistic Job Overseas...(Job Inquiry)

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the contact information for a recruiter with either Honeywell, Fluor, or maybe even ManTech? I am currently...

EricKuntz in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

designation - 1 Reply

i hv 4.5 yrs exp and recently got offer from fluor india and i am given a position of associate design engineer-II. Is this Ok for 4.5YS Exp

John Dam in Bronx, New York


These statements are just observations based on the actions of people close and not so close to me. Dont take this as fact or fiction. If anything...

JD in Clifton, New Jersey

Updated 72 months ago

HVAC jobs with FLuor in Afganistan - 2 Replies

Hi, My husband is considering a position in HVAC for Fluor in Afganistan, I'm just curious to how save this job is? Can anyone tell me how it works,...

Olden Feeble in Apo

Updated 79 months ago

contact - 2 Replies

I work in Afghanistan for Dyn-Corp. The company pays me $10,000. less then what the recruiter in Texas quoted. I, however did sign the contract. ...

smokey bear 63 in Greenville, North Carolina

medical waiver

Has anyone had a medical waiver clear?

beo in Albania

Updated 79 months ago

id - 1 Reply

I am being recruited by flour and have been asked to bring another form of photo id besides my passport and grade card I do not have another form of...

Mariam in Hamburg, Germany

Updated 79 months ago

Females in Afghanistan? - 1 Reply

Are there any female electricians going to Afghanistan? Was hired a few weeks ago for Fluor but am waiting on security to complete? Any info would...

RAJESH POOLOTH,rajeshpooloth@hotmail.com in Bangalore, India

about fluor interview in India

I am almost applied hvac/refrigeration vaccancy,but i didnot get any positive replay from fluor company;Now i am loose my job because of somebody...

KiLo1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 82 months ago

Fluor deployment - 4 Replies

Has anyone that has been hired by Fluor gotten any information on Deployments status or know when they are getting deployed. I've been getting the...

Bhumayya in Mumbai, India

What Does it means

I applied to fluor two months ago. my job submission status, for every job i applied always went from "pending review" to "other candidate...

supachai13 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 83 months ago

refrigeration or hvac jobs - 1 Reply

I am looking to go overseas working on a hvac or refrigeration job. Does any body know anything about conditions and pay for these jobs. How is the...

kadacia92 in Buford, Georgia

Updated 84 months ago

What does it mean? - 4 Replies

Hubby applied to fluor months ago. His job submission status, for every job he applied to, always went from "pending review" to "other candidate...

Arlen in San Marcos, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

Fluor Job Status - 1 Reply

I applied for a job at the beginning of October with Fluor. My status was changed to "under consideration" a day after. Recently, the job was...

Naim Aliu in Stoughton, Wisconsin

Updated 85 months ago

Please . Help if you know - 1 Reply

Hello everybody. Can any body knows if you DEMOB in fluor after 4 months for family reason , did fluor call again . or they will never call you...

jjthomson in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Updated 86 months ago

Considering Enlistment to Reach Career Goals - 1 Reply

I don't really know what questions to ask, but the delayed entry program for the Air Force maybe something I'm interested in. I say maybe, because...

kamleshchand1@*****.*** in Shimla, India

Updated 86 months ago

Fluor Corp. Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 3 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Fluor Corp.? What do you like best about working at Fluor...

Zura Jalabadze in Tbilisi, Georgia

Fluor In Tbilisi, Georgia

Hello Guys! Please help me, if someone have information about FLUOR's Visit in Republic of Georgia (not State Georgia) in October. Thanks!!

Patoiletman in Charlottesville, Virginia

6' 2" 258 lbs

I cant believe I finally met "Desert Dave" LOL..... You were right, you are 6'2" 258lbs

reno in Kabul, Afghanistan

Updated 87 months ago

SF-86 Financial History Section and Bad Credit Issues - 4 Replies

Can someone please tell me exactly what will disqualify an applicant when completing the financial section of the SF-86? Recent bankruptcy?...

Adrienne in Houston, Texas

Considering Enlistment to Reach Career Goals

I don't really know what questions to ask, but the delayed entry program for the Air Force maybe something I'm interested in. I say maybe, because...

Leonard in Gravesend, United Kingdom

Fluor Job Status

Please does someone know how long it takes to hear from Fluor Recruitment. I had an interview with Fluor for 2 months now for which they requested...

upendra sah in Richmond, Australia

Updated 88 months ago

mail - 1 Reply

Had a question for anyone who has time to answer. My husband is stationed at Cop Mcclain and I have sent three packages this month of which he still...

Don in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

Updated Job? - 1 Reply

Hello. I applied to 2 job openings on 31 July 2011. As of today, my Status of Submission says Pending Review. Today - 10 August 2011 - those...

Rockaway Beach, NY in Sacramento, California

Parts and Material

Cat, Say I need a NEMA#? whatever motor starter,or an AB photo-eye, or a certain ballast for lighting, etc. Is it tough to get stuff. I'm not...

Rockaway Beach, NY in Sacramento, California

Power of Attorney, Tax's, Life insurance, off-shore banking

Experienced ex-pats with suggestions, recommendations to experienced overseas employment tax legal firm.

Rockaway Beach, NY in Sacramento, California

info from seasoned generator/electrician journeyman in Afghany

Can we get parts and matertal? I don't like to rig, but have been in disaster areas, and military. I'm coming over on generators, and would like to...

Engineer_wv in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Updated 92 months ago

Please Help Me - 11 Replies

I've been busting my butt trying to get on with Fluor/Dyncorp/ITT/ or KBR....Fluor being my preferred choice. I need to get my resume in the hands of...

Jesse Kimmerling in Tacoma, Washington

Updated 93 months ago

What's the company culture at Fluor Corp.? - 1 Reply

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Fluor Corp.? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

azra atic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The possibility of returning

Everything is great,everything is perfect... My question is how can I come back again?!!!!!!!!!!!!



What are they salaries for the following jobs in Afghanistan: Operations Specialist, Operations Coordinator, Logistics Specialist, Contract...

MWR Jobs in Oak Grove, Kentucky

Updated 94 months ago

MWR Jobs With Flour!! - 3 Replies

Hi there any one free enuff to help me to show the right direction to get MWR job with flour!! is theres any way can i get any info about the...

JennyJ in Southport, North Carolina

Updated 98 months ago

Job status and time - 1 Reply

My Job status says offer. I have passed phys / drug screen / etc. Security forms and prints went out a week ago. I will be a plumber in Afghanistan....

pegsue85 in Phenix City, Alabama


I have been trying to get a job with any contractor in LOGCAP V. Any advice to get a recuiter would be greatly appreciated. I dont care what job it...

JK in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 100 months ago

Fluor Health Insurance Question - 5 Replies

Happy Friday Everyone! My husband is heading to Greenville SC then off to Afghanistan. I understand that he will have health coverage, but wanted...

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