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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Frontier stack up against the competition?


Some one who worked at CZN. in Rochester, New York

136 months ago

I think the company will survive, but that does not always mean your job is secure.
CZN/Frontier is always looking for people to work with DPI not to expand the staff but to keep the status Quoe.
The manager and some of the team leads are a big issue in the DPI department. They can be very difficult to work with, especially if you do not get your work done quickly.
If you can work for the INFINIUM team do it! If you find it difficult to work under pressure,work for a very tight knit bunch of team leads,and meet lots deadlines, or are looking to someday be something other than a Senior Programmer/Analyst; DPI is probably not the place for you.


Telco Central Region Employee in Kingston, Pennsylvania

135 months ago

Well I had a job today. Can't be sure about tomorrow or the day after although we're assured about every 5 minutes that we're safe through the end of our contract next year. The constant reassuring seems a bit too much to me and leads me to believe something's up. That would be too bad, I enjoy working for the company so I hope we're not let go. Loosing my many years of seniority to start over wouldn't be good either.

I know it's just a wild rumor but anybody else hear the company will be sold off? Latest I heard was it'll be sold to a company based in Louisiana. I don't believe it but I'm interested in hearing what other parts of the country may have heard.


Telco Central Region Employee in Pittston, Pennsylvania

130 months ago

This is by far the most clueless company I have ever seen. It's a miracle they've lasted as long as they have and become as big as they are. It's falling and when it hits bottom it'll hit hard.


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