Working as a mudman for Halliburton?

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snowalker in Grande Prairie, Alberta

127 months ago

Hey guys,
First off thanks for any replies I might get!
I’m a young Canadian with a technical diploma in environmental sciences. I am currently working for a mud company in Canada and really enjoy the job. I’ve only been running mud for about a year and a half now; previously I worked as an Environmental Consultant for a little over three years in the Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia oil patch. I have the hugest craving to see the world and experience new cultures. The company I’m with now is great. They take care of me keep me happy. I’ve heard working overseas does not pay well this being especially true for Halliburton. I know you cannot legally tell me what current salaries are but I’m curious if someone has an idea how much of a pay cut I could expect to take? I make a little over a Derrick Hands wage according to the CAODC. I’m willing to take the pay-cut for the experience and lifestyle change.
I’m very interested in working onshore. What is the life like? Are their times when you get a chance to go to “town”. Meet locals. If I were working in Mexico for example, on days off could I just stay in the countries as long as I took all required avenues of obtaining the required visas? How fast can a young intelligent people move ahead? I’ve hear lots of stories from guys who have worked for other companies. I just want to hear the Halliburton side.

Thanks for the info. I look forward to your response.

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