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Updated 2 days ago

Where's Are My Fellow Associates Who Actually Like Working At the Home Depot? Lets hear some pos. Comments - 26 Replies

this may sound silly but what does NTR stand for when it comes to merchandising team?


Updated 3 days ago

what type of drug test does home depot do for emloyment? - 3 Replies

What type of drug test do they do for warehouse associates at Joliet,IL facility?

- Indeed Host

Updated 12 days ago

editing home depot careers profile - 5 Replies

Hello, Job Seekers <br><br> To see how to view your resume saved to your account, watch this video on our support page: For any additional...

mMike Bray

Updated 12 days ago

i got fired after 20 yrs of service - 20 Replies

Home Depot really have some good dependable products and supplies. They really carry some dependable and trusted plumbing supplies. Hey they are...

Elizabeth Fenton

Updated 18 days ago

Union start up - 5 Replies

Home Depot needs union. every state, every cities there is home Depot store and have home Depot home services. Managers get the big profits and...

James Overstreet

Updated 23 days ago

Just got fired yesterday from Home Depot!!!! - 277 Replies

Home Depot are not all bad unless your work at the warehouses like I was at RLC8616. 6 years I blew in that place to get terminated for bull....

frustrated at HDE

Updated 24 days ago

home depot sucks - 77 Replies

We got the email telling us who the new vice president over owned business is. Looks like it is time to start selling stock. We now have 2 VP's...


Updated 26 days ago

Which method of the drug test does Home Depot use to screen applicants? - 49 Replies

[QUOTE who="christopherdennis in Saint Paul, Minnesota"]That is a question asked by someone who is dirty. Which one, does not matter if you are...

Marilyn in Davenport, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

What is Home Depot's "Policy and Proceedure Protocol" when an employee get injured on the job? - 15 Replies

I have heard some companies have a written explicit procedure that is to be followed when an employee gets hurt on the job. However, I have heard...

Anne in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 1 month ago

What's the company culture at Home Depot? - 150 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Home Depot? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Michael wilds in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Does anyone here work on the Freight Team at Home Depot? - 24 Replies

I just turned 17 a few weeks ago and was thinking about applying at Home Depot for freight team when I turn 18. All the negative comments can leave...

Yolli41 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 1 month ago

Should I call HR - 9 Replies

Most recently I was on vacation when I received a call from my store. They asked if I wanted to do overnights at another store. I declined. Then...

K.D. in Washington, Pennsylvania

SM and ASM seeming like they would not like to be bothered with a new hire.

I am new to Home Depot and am curious to know if all SM and ASM seem to be bothered when a new employee or someone that is not directly under them...

Sean P. in Kingston, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

Background check at home depot - 71 Replies

How long does it take for home depot to do background check I did my drug test already but I'm just waiting tomorrow will make a week and 2 days

Longtimeassoc in Edgewater, Maryland

Updated 2 months ago

Should I call the hotline... - 10 Replies

I have brought this to other management's attention, but have seen it happen a couple times since. Over the past couple months, a fairly new...

Surfer girl in Edgewater, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

about the drug test - 23 Replies

I am seeking employment w/ hd ......Can someone tell me if the drug test is a five panel or nine panel drug test?

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

Offered a job...then nothing - 3 Replies

So I was offered a job at Home Depot on Thursday, June 26th. I got my drug test done that nest Monday, June 30th. When the store manager offered me...

Marilyn in Davenport, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Let me clear some things up - 13 Replies

i used to be a asst. manager with Home Depot, so I have some inside insight into their workings. lets start with the union thing. i have no problems...

AnnaPL in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Pregnancy at Home Depot

Hi there, I wanted to ask yall's opinion. I just started working at the HD a month ago in the garden center. Me and my husband want to "try" to have...

Work at Corp Office in Duluth, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

online application - 11 Replies

was trying to access my account online but forgot my password.. I've spoken with HR at my local store but she stated that she could not do anything...

HD Recruiting and Interviewing is a JOKE in Jonesboro, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

Applying at Home Depot is a complete waste of time - 165 Replies

I recently attended a job fair and met Home Depot's Human Resources Manager, Janice Zassenhaus (Phone: 303-699-5006, ext. 457). She said that she...

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 5 months ago

Any suggestions? - 1 Reply

I had an interview with The Home Depot in mid-November for the cashier position. It went well, the interviewer welcomed me to the team and said that...

Valerie in California

Updated 6 months ago

whats the longest wait for a drug test/background check to come back from home depot - 5 Replies

I want to know how long does it actually takes for a drug test aond background to come back its been over 2 and a half weeks now and the lady in hr...

Gainsville Tx in Denton, Texas

Harassed and pushed out.

2 1/2 Yes ago the new manager of the Gainesville tx Home Depot, Jan, for grueling 8 maths wrote me up on a daily and weekly bases. I could just say...

Kelly in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 7 months ago

Salaries and Benefits - 387 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Home Depot? What do you like best about working at Home...

witchyj58 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

Home Depot RMA Testing - 3 Replies

Hi, I'm thinking about going to the 2nd phase of HD interviewing- consisting of tests on customer service, leadership and business acumen. Any...


When will I start orientation

Took a drug test and signed off on HR to begin my background check for a flooring position with the Home Depot on October 12. It is now the 24th. I...

ZachD80 in Floresville, Texas

Back ground checks home depot.

I am trying to get a supervisor position with a company that has contracts with home depot. The owner does not think I can pass the home depot check...

Applicant in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

background check - 77 Replies

I am currently seeking a position at HD in LPM. I have a DWI I received in college on my background. What are my chances of receiving a job at HD....

Kaylee lenners in Lynn, Massachusetts

Updated 10 months ago

Home Depot-If you leave can you come back - 6 Replies

I was an Assistant Manager at Home Depot. I left home depot after 10 years and I left on good terms. I got a position with starbucks as a store...

Cam in East Lansing, Michigan


What kind of drug test method did you have to do during the prehiring process? anyone from michigan?

Shane in New Castle, Delaware

Should I speak to HR

I applied about a week ago to Home Depot online and have not heard back from them. I'm just looking for a second job and I'm enthusiastic about...

duc in Santa Ana, California

Home depot interview HELP

So i apply for a job at home depot i got a call to schedule first interview face to face with the manger 3 day ago and i got a call again today from...

Not saying in Batesville, Arkansas


Home Depot is a farse-- 1. Only true, full time, salaried employees are managers. You are not entitled to benifits or unemployment under any other...

Me in Georgia

Home Depot no call back after interview and mouth swab

My experience is going horrible with home depots hiring process I had a interview and got my mouth swab drug test done the same day and I know ive...

JohnDoe1980 in Home Depot Sucks, Georgia

Updated 19 months ago

How can this person got fired if they followed SOP at home depot??? - 9 Replies

Home Depot policy is meet or beat any written offer. This person got a quote, got approval for the MOD (mgr on duty). The head cashier lied told...

BT662 in Iuka, Mississippi

Updated 20 months ago

You do not want to work for HD as a HR Store Mgr - 37 Replies

I got an offer from Home Depot - they offered 45K with a small bonus based on store performance. They wanted 50 -55 hours a week, also you had to be...

deb in Stafford, Virginia

Updated 20 months ago

Head Cashier duties - 14 Replies

I am a head cashier , and the other day my FES and I were talking about whose job it was to empty self checkout at store closing. My FES said it...


Updated 22 months ago

Terminated from home deopt!` - 17 Replies

About a month ago i was terminated from HD ! After more than four years of service they let me go for 4 tarties! Whats up with that. the are a few...

janiceparker285@*****.*** in Fayetteville, Georgia

Loss of Hourly time and having to start over again

I recently worked for HomeDepot and I had to submit a letter of resignation to them because of what the ASM did on my 90th day. I was waiting for my...

mdc76082 in Woodstock, Georgia

Updated 23 months ago

freight team - 90 Replies

to all ----freight team is going away,along with ima's there will be no night receiving and if you cant work during the day you'll have to find a new...

Mike in Silver Spring, Maryland

Time between applying & first contact from HR

Hey, I applied for 19 positions at Home Depot(HD). How much time passed between the time you applied for your job at HD and HR contacting you for...

randomhdassociate in San Jose, California

Updated 25 months ago

Applying for Operations - 1 Reply

This might be a stupid question, but I applied to a lot of positions on the Home Depot careers site and I applied for Operations. My question is.....

Mr G in California

Updated 26 months ago

Recent Terminations Home Depot - 126 Replies

Please respond if been recently terminated, over the age of 40 and have been employeed for a few years.

Jfd076.jd@*****.*** in New York, New York

Updated 26 months ago

Does any one know how to access H.D. SOP from your home computer? - 8 Replies

I was terminated recently and need to get my ducks in a row with info. on H.D. policy of paying "earned" vaction and sick time. I already checked out...

mdc76082 in Woodstock, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

How to get a job at Home Depot. - 62 Replies

Do you work at Home Depot? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

RND in Provo, Utah

Updated 27 months ago

Schedules - 23 Replies

At our store the scheduler has complete control over our lives. As a full timer we have open availabilty, fine, part timers run the schedule with...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 27 months ago

how do I deal with a supervisor that's a bully and gets away with it - 3 Replies

I've been working with the company for a year and since winter started last year when to one of two head cashiers worked or worked at the same time...


Updated 28 months ago

Home Depot Interview Questions. - 12 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

michael read in Cypress, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

Reverse Prejudice - 6 Replies

Regarding Peachtree City Home Depot Human Resoursces Manager (which is listed as an open position.) Is managed by an African American woman who is...

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