ITT is not a scam if you work hard it WILL pay off

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kirk watson in Noblesville, Indiana

122 months ago

the guy that says he was an instructor has no clue or is just lying i have proof because went there

not only did i get interviews for cia they came to school to recruit. so much for his story

i now work for verizon as a switch tech working on fiber optics, gtd-5's,dms-100's, 5ess, dco's, dms-10's, i work on ss7, fiber transports from t1's oc48,s oc12,s..
now we are expanding fiber to home with fios'
last yr i made 69,000
so tell me again how bad this school is


luke2235 in Toledo, Ohio

70 months ago

I am a recent graduate of ITT Tech in Ohio. I won't deny that it is expensive. I won't deny that they should screen there students a little more. In fact, screening out students that simply cannot handle the work load of accelerated class would probably do a lot for the reputation of the school. That said, ITT Tech was a great place for me to go for several reasons. I think people in a similar situation to myself would do well to attend. As far as expenses go the new GI Bill paid for nearly the full cost of my Associates degree. I will have enough benefits left over to complete the first full year of the Bachelors program. I already had a full time job with a local company, through hard work, and persistence I have been promoted to a job in the I.T department. It's entry level mind you but definitely more than the 8-10 dollar an hour rate people talk about in these forums. I make just under 20 bucks an hour with full benefits. People call this stuff luck, and you can if you want, but the fact is that I worked hard for 2 years. I had two jobs and went to school full time, I constantly took on new responsibilities at both jobs. That along with the fact that I have a degree put me in a position to be eligible for an opening in I.T. a couple months ago.

Before you listen to the ranting and ravings of people on the internet weigh your options. If you don't have to work full time while in school by all means go to a public University or CC. If you, however, are in a situation were that isn't possible, and you have the dedication to finish what you start, and do the hard leg work to find a job; then by all means go to ITT Tech. Put in the work and find a job you will like. I don't regret it. Some people might I know people in my class that are disenchanted too. However, I also know that they haven't worked half as hard as I have in school or out.

Just my 2 cents... maybe more.


Dr. T in New Orleans, Louisiana

66 months ago

As a former instructor at ITT, for one term before I resigned, I have to laugh at incredulity at this post. I hope for your sake that it's true, but I'd more believe you if you told me you hatched from an egg on Mars. ITT is to universities as donkeys are to Playboy models. Trust me.


Deangelo in Forest Park, Georgia

64 months ago

I attend ITT tech in Atlanta and so far they have treated me right, the staff are welling to open a door and help, there are times when you as a student get mad because things dont go your way but you must prevail and do better. I graduated with my associates degree and went back to get my BA. Degree.. No one can ever take an education from you use it and endure things pay off in long run.. ITT Did not SCAM me


Mattw11486 in North Richland Hills, Texas

26 months ago

If you are viewing this because you are contemplating on going to this school..please don't let this be your only form of research. As a matter of fact, it isn't all that hard to find out that this school is being sued by several State Attorney Generals, the CFPB, the SEC for fraud, and the list goes on. This is just another for-profit school that gets blank checks for recruiting as many people into its crappy school as it can and it will continue to do so until the ship has sunk. They will write loans in your name and you won't even know about it until you start getting the harassing calls from collectors about a loan from a company you never even heard of. Do yourself a favor and go to a community college. Save yourself from the 60k worthless Associates Degree, the outdated labs, the instructors they picked up off the streets, and the lazy students next to you who get pushed through the system for barely even showing up even though you busted your tail! It makes you realize you made a terrible mistake even before you get the bill. Please spare yourself the trouble! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!


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