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Updated 10 days ago

Recruiters at Intuit - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="Gail Houston in Plano, Texas"]Hi Jamie - Thank you so much for your comment. All of our BI's are done by a 3rd party and they follow the...


Updated 19 days ago

How to get a job at Intuit. - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="GailHouston in Flower Mound, Texas"]Hi RachelS Thank you for applying for a role with Intuit. There is not set answer to your question...

Mcardema in California

Updated 1 month ago

Intuit application follow-up question - 5 Replies

Hi, I am really excited about the prospect of working at Intuit. I applied for a Senior Network Engineering position in San Diego on August 4th....

Aman1 in Union City, California

Job application status

I recently applied for the Talent Development Coordinator position couple weeks ago and I haven't got any status updates on the position. How long is...

vijaymalloli in Beaverton, Oregon

Job application status

I have applied for position Staff Performance Engineer in March but, still there is no update and application status showing as ‘you are in the...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

Recruiter - 1 Reply

A recruiter said she would call me 10 days back but then rescheduled at the last minute. Today she was supposed to call half an hour back but has not...

mbpranav in Tucson, Arizona

Job Application Status.

Hello, I applied for an intern position here at Intuit, Tucson. I checked the applications page today and the Job Status changed to Inactive (No...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

INTUIT assesment II - 3 Replies

I forget to explain that I learn from other applicant that someone call them first and they also do the assessment; but in my case no call, actually...

Confused in Bronx, New York

Updated 23 months ago

INTUIT assesment - 2 Replies

I have a confusing experience I apply for a position at Intuit and no human contact at all. just an assessment that said that I was not a match. Wao...

Christina Payne in London, United Kingdom

Updated 23 months ago

Interview process - 2 Replies

About a month ago I had a phone interviews for a position at Intuit. The interview was a phone screen with a recruiter and I thought our discussion...

joan in Talladega, Alabama

Updated 27 months ago

Seasonal Tax Advisor in 2012 - 24 Replies

I just recently passed the Enrolled Agent exam and am looking for more information about this position. What kind of hours are available? What is...

Sjay in Richmond, Texas

Updated 28 months ago

Recruiter Response Time Following Job Interview - 4 Replies

About a month ago I had 2 phone interviews for a position at Intuit. The first was a phone screen with a recruiter, and the second was a phone...

MaheshKS in Dallas, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

Intern positions at Intuit - 2 Replies

Hi, I was wondering if Intuit does have sprint internship opportunities. Having worked at Intuit for 3 years and I am now pursuing my masters...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

Intuit Interview Questions. - 74 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

Heather Romero in Palo Alto, California

Updated 33 months ago

Taleo hiding resume? - 2 Replies

Quick question - I'm sure that I attached my resume to a position I recently applied for on Taleo, but it doesn't show any existing attachments when...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

What is the Response time for itnernships? - 4 Replies

Hi, I applied for a Product Management intern position in Intuit. Went through a phone interview for the same in Oct 2015. When should I expect to...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

"Completed" status - 1 Reply

Hi, I applied for a product manager/early career position 2 months ago and about 2 weeks ago, the status changed to "completed". I was wondering...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Time to hear back from someone - 1 Reply

Hello, I recently applied for an intern/early career software position in Mountain View, CA. The status of the application says "Excited to Meet...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 43 months ago

Product RDP 2015 - 1 Reply

I'm really interested in the product RDP for Intuit! Does anybody know when it will be opened this year and how to apply? Thanks! Francisco

Lakshmi in San Jose, California

Updated 44 months ago

Time taken to schedule an interview once the application status is changed to "Excited to meet you". - 3 Replies

I applied for a SE position (Mountain View, CA location) at Intuit and the status of my application changed to "Excited to meet you" on June 24th,...

George in Huntington Beach, California

Intuit Hiring Older Candidates

I interviewed with Intuit about a month ago. I did a phone screen prior to the on-site interview, and then followed up with the in person interview...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 47 months ago

recruiter - 1 Reply

Hi there when is it appropriate to check in with the recruiter? I was told I would hear back three days ago but havent heard anything.

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 48 months ago

Some doubts about the new Careers website - 4 Replies

Hello, I had a couple of doubts about Intuit's new career website. I had posted them on the Intuit Careers group on LinkedIn but I wasn't able to...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 49 months ago

recruiting/hiring process.....and my potential - 1 Reply

I am an IT software professional with over 20 years experience. After much research, I have decided to focus on a new career at Intuit. I have spent...

Garrett Deese in San Francisco, California

Updated 50 months ago

RDP application for Intuit 2014 - 10 Replies

Do anyone know when Intuit will start accepting applications for their Rotational Development Programs? I'm mainly interested in the project...

mary jordan lynch in Dallas, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

Seasonal Service & Support - 2 Replies

Last tax season I worked as a ProSeries Support Agent. I applied for a seasonal position again this year and was not even given an opportunity for an...

Melvyn Peignon in France

Internship at intuit

Hi, I'm very interested in doing an internship at intuit and I have a lot of questions! Do they provide any help for the J1 visa (training...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 53 months ago

Recruiting process and decisions - 1 Reply

I applied for a position through a head hunter for the Mountain View location. Initially there was great momentum, was scheduled for an interview...

BHart in San Diego, California

Advice to get to the interview stage for a Web Project Manager

Hi, I have always wanted to work for Intuit (always been a hope of mine). Anyways, I am a lead project manager here in San Diego and work at a...

Michelle Czubek in California

Updated 55 months ago

Interview Process - 2 Replies

I recently applied for a Tax Advisor Support Specialist position. I received an email from a recruiter inquiring about the times I am available for...

EndlessJoy in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 55 months ago

Feedback for Job Application - 2 Replies

I had applied for a position at Intuit last Sunday. I was very excited about the prospect of interviewing with Intuit as my skill set seemed to...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

Interview Process/Feedback - 3 Replies

Just to share my experience with Intuit--I've applied to a few jobs that are closely aligned with my background. I've actually even had a few phone...

uknowhat in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 59 months ago

Admin/Candidate Experience - 4 Replies

After researching the company/brand, employment at Intuit has become one of my top goals. A lot of positions will go to internal hires before they...

edgar lopez in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Updated 64 months ago

Benefits at the mountain view location - 8 Replies

Can anyone please let me know what benefits the mountain view location has? Do they have shuttle services? How about free food?

HackerHH in Urbana, Illinois

Intuit Rotational Program

I have applied Intuit Product Management Rotational Development Program (RDP) 2 weeks ago and I know Intuit does not come to my campus for career...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Not receving any reply from recruiters - 1 Reply

Hi I have appeared for onsite interview on 5th August but it didn't work out. I really liked company and environment so after that I applied to few...

Plano employee in Dallas, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

Has anyone gotten into the interview process - 1 Reply

Hello All, I've landed on Intuit as a company I would really like to work for. I've found several positions over the last year or so which I...

Anonymous ForNow in Fremont, California

Updated 68 months ago

How long does it take to get an offer from intuit ? - 2 Replies

Hi I have completed 5 technical rounds and 1 HR round of interview for a SSE position with intuit and all of them went well. How long does it take...

Anonymous ForNow in Fremont, California

Updated 68 months ago

Pay schedule and benefits? - 2 Replies

Can anyone tell me the pay schedule at Intuit and what the benefits package is like? These are questions one really doesn't get answers to until...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 72 months ago

Software Engineer Intern - 5 Replies

Hi , I recently applied for a software Engineer Intern Position at intuit(Orem, UT).I am graduate student From Utah state univ.I don't know how...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

RDP associate selection process and website update - 3 Replies

Good afternoon, I applied for the RDP associate product management and marketing position several weeks ago. I have not heard back from a...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Remote Positions at Tucson Office. - 2 Replies

Hello, I'm very much interested in starting a career with Intuit. I sadly missed my chance it seems as a support representative position I saw...

IdealCandidate in Dekalb, Illinois

Updated 78 months ago

RDP associate online assessment - 2 Replies

Good Evening, First off I wanted to state that I think it is great that you are so easily available to help potential employees with...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Frustrating Interview Process - 3 Replies

I had a phone interview with department manager to go over the position, the company and my background. Was told that they were very interested in me...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Salary - 12 Replies

What is pay scale for Lowest,Mid,Large size cities for a typical lead position? Does Intuit has a concept of Long term but Full time employee?how...

Mark in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 83 months ago

Come out clean Intuit !!!!!!! ( Beware new hires ) - 1 Reply

I hope this discussion helps prospective candidates and employees of Intuit to know what has been/ is going on in the upper echelons of Intuit's HR...

Wap in Iowa City, Iowa

Updated 84 months ago

What are the chances of getting hired from a contract position? - 3 Replies

I have the opportunity to take a contract position at Intuit for which I'm frankly overqualified. However, I'm attracted to the company and culture...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

Feedback: Intuit Interview Process - 1 Reply

I want to buck the trend here and talk about an extremely positive interview process I had at Intuit in San Diego. I am a software engineer. The...

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

Interships - 1 Reply

I am in my last semester at San Diego State University and my degree is in marketing. I have been searching for information about Intuit internships....

Gail Houston in Plano, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

question :) - 1 Reply

I recently got hired in tucson, az and will be starting in a couple of weeks. I'm also going back to college to obtain a degree in business- human...

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