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Updated 2 days ago

Why a Credit Check? - 94 Replies

[QUOTE who="Chrissy in Brockport, New York"]They did not run my credit when I least I dont think they did else I would not have gotten...

davidrein in Houston, Texas

Can I get hired by chase with high balance on my chase credit card?

I have never missed one single payment in my life, but my credit utilization is very high, almost maxed. so i would say my credit score is low but...

Nasim001 in Glenview, Illinois

Updated 25 days ago

Fired From Chase - 23 Replies

I was recently Fired from chase for alleged incentive abuse. They put my termination info on my series 7 . I am wondering what my options are. I...


J.P. Morgan’s toxic S.A. culture

The moderators will delete this for sure, but for what it’s worth I want people to know (and as someone with a wide circle I’ve heard it happen to...


Updated 1 month ago

Hired then Fired over Compliance Issue. Please HELP! - 9 Replies

Okay so I applied to work with Chase for a Relationship Banker position. I got called in for an interview. The interview went well and then weeks...

Dazu in Jackson, Michigan

Updated 1 month ago

Employees Experiences at JPMC - 15 Replies

The next seven posts (sorry its so long) was my experience at JPMC. It was a letter written to JPMC HR with a little investigation but as I suspected...

alexandervu in Gretna, Louisiana

Updated 2 months ago

Hiring process w/ Chase Bank - 80 Replies

I have completed 3 interviews, phone, manager, district manager. All said I did great. Last interview was Thursday. Today is the following Tuesday...

Housegains in Columbus, Ohio

Background status

I had been offered a job at JP Morgan and have successfully gone through all the preliminary tasks. However, my background check went back into...

Corri20 in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Hiring process - 5 Replies

Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback from those who have interviewed with JPMorgan Chase before. I applied for the operation position in my area in...

GIBSONP in Howell, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

Must be a bad place to work! - 24 Replies

JP Morgan Chase must be a terrible place to work! There are always jobs posted from them for positions in Houston (and everyhwere else). Or are they...

Krod1993 in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

How to get a job at JPMorgan Chase. - 53 Replies

Do you work at JPMorgan Chase? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Court880 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 3 months ago

Jpmorgan hiring status - 7 Replies

I am curious about a job I applied for a JP Morgan. I did the interview and my application status was changed to final candidate the same day (this...


JPMorgan HSA eligibility

I'm an incoming hire with JPMorgan. I am trying to figure out whether I'll be HSA eligible. Both health plans have a qualifying high deductible (1750...

Meme87 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

HELP: Background Check Clearance - 28 Replies

Hello All, I need HELP. I am currently undergoing background clearance for a position at JP Morgan Chase. At the age of 18 (8yrs ago), I was...

kh7777 in Bloomington, Indiana

Chase Auto-Generated ID Issue

Hey all. I applied to Chase and went through the hiring process with the online interview and in-person interview. I received and accepted a job...

Taye in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 6 months ago

Hired without disclosing criminal record? JP Morgan - 1 Reply

I been researching the hiring process. I have notice the BG check is very intensive. I worried because I entered diversion pogrom in Arizona back in...

Zen7895 in New York, New York

Updated 7 months ago



tllsherry in Frisco, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

Series 6 exam - 183 Replies

Can anyone who has taken this exam, explain to me how difficult the actual exam is? I am studying to take the test now and the practice test I have...

MAE in San Antonio, Texas

Obstruction of highway

I'm being finger printed tomorrow for a EMM call center position. I have an obstruction of highway misdeamor B on my record. Will this effect my...

J12345 in Ohio

On-boarding documents - Automatic E-signature without consent

I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else besides myself. When I was sent the link to review and sign the pre-employment documents during...

MSatori in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 9 months ago

JP MORGAN CHASE Hiring process - 8 Replies

Hi guys, I'm now in interview process of Chase. Just wondering, how long does the process usually take and how many interviews are there ? It is a...

MSatori in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 9 months ago

pay stubs and w2 request - 1 Reply

JPMorgan Chase internal recruiter is asking for last two pay stubs and the W2 that cover all years of employment with current employer AFTER giving...

chaseisabusivetoemployees in Orlando, Florida

Chase bank abuse

I agree. I wasted years hanging in there, now we were threatened to make customers not close their accounts or else. It is like being beaten while...

NewJob in Columbus, Ohio

Previous Bankruptcy

I am in the hiring process for a senior position with JP Morgan. I am concerned about how to disclose a Chapter 13 repayment bankruptcy my family...


Updated 10 months ago

Credit Check Hiring Process - 2 Replies

I'm currently going through the hiring process with Chase. Everything has been moving very quick but about 3 days ago, I sent in my information for...

Praying in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

Drug Test Question - 2 Replies

I was hired by JP Morgan last november. At that time I quit smoking weed in fear of a drug test based on what I had read online. 9 months later, it...

Anonymous in Los Angeles, California

Updated 13 months ago

Background check,finger printing,DUI @ JPMC - 4 Replies

I recently applied for database administrator Position with Chase. I got a DUI misdemeanor about 6 months ago. My case will be dismissed in January...

happyhands8 in Columbus, Ohio

Drug Test Question

I was hired by JP Morgan last november. At that time I quit smoking weed in fear of a drug test based on what I had read online. 9 months later, it...

John in Pasadena, Maryland

Updated 13 months ago

Applied for position, was told a hiring recruiter would get back to me, no phone call - 4 Replies

I applied for a position on October 1st. The very next day, a veteran's recruiter called and left a message stating that in 7 to 14 days (I'm...

Melanher in La Vernia, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Credit check - 1 Reply

I was recently offered a teller position at Chase and I'm worried what kind of effect my credit is going to have on whether they're going to actually...

AngWill in New York, New York

Can you be chosen for rehire at JP Morgan after being terminated?

6 months ago from this post, I was terminated/fired at JP Morgan. I was originally hired with a set of duties and responsibilities. Throughout my...

ChizzyChines in Amherst, Massachusetts

Updated 17 months ago

Background check for prospective hire. - 4 Replies

Long story short, back when I was 16 (Now 20), I was arrested for possible felony with shoplifting. I was arrested and fingerprinted. Was never...

NewYawka in Jamaica, New York

Does JP track temp fires?

I was fired as a temp years ago while working for JP-NY. I was having a rough go personally and it was totally on me. Personally, I wish they would...

Heythere in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 22 months ago

Keep getting Rejected by Chase???? - 6 Replies

I keep getting rejected by them. I get this... - Therefore, we have decided not to pursue your candidacy any further at this time. I want to...

Heythere in Newark, Delaware

Updated 22 months ago

Medical benefits cost... Corporate office - 1 Reply

I just finished interviewing at JP Morgan in Delaware (Corp office) and wanted to ask how much the medical insurance costs each pay period. I see on...

Tttttttttt in Avondale, Arizona

Updated 23 months ago

Is chase still taking H1B ?? - 1 Reply

I have been rejected from Chase multiple number of times now. I am on H1B. Have they stopped taking H1B's?

Sillyheart in Huntington Beach, California

Updated 24 months ago

Hiring a 61 year-old - 9 Replies

I'm a graphic designer, and 61 years-old. Someone passed my resume to one of JPMorgan Chase's ancillary divisions. The company has now asked me...

aaustin300 in Riverside, California

Chase Hiring Process

So I applied to Chase for a part time bank telling job around June 22nd sent my app and was sent an email about doing some questions on Hire Vue! I...

RT38 in Newark, Delaware

Updated 26 months ago

Parental Leave? - 1 Reply

What is the parental leave policy like? Wondering what it's been like to use it, especially for dads?

Ibra in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 26 months ago

Do I need to report about second part time job to Chase? - 1 Reply

I recently got hired as a Part-time teller (20 hours) at a Chase branch. I don't make enough money just from the 20 hours per week I'm given. I...

Kim in Westchester, Illinois

Updated 29 months ago

Hiring process for chase teller - 2 Replies

I recently just went for an in-person interview for the position for a teller. For the interview, i was contacted by the branches assistant manager....

Tracey in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 30 months ago

JPMorgan job submission status - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I have recently applied for a role at JPM. I checked my job status yesterday and it says submission status'withrew'. The thing is that I...

vtfan in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 30 months ago

Hiring process for chase teller position - 1 Reply

Just got a job offer for chase bank teller position. I was wondering if the fingerprinting would be able to discover that I received a misdemeanor...

AndyA in Fort Worth, Texas

Denied Unemployment, mistakE because of my issue, FMLA, fired!

I was fired from Chase and denied benefits for being OVER on my register. I was a banker and was on FMLA because I would get very nervous and...

B.B in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 34 months ago

Background Checks, DUIs and Employment - 8 Replies

I recently applied for a Personal Banking Position with Chase. The recruiter called me asked if I have ever been finger printed. I told her yes...

Charlie in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 34 months ago

Does JP Morgan Chase do drug testing? If so when? - 19 Replies

Does anyone know if Chase does drug testing? If so when does it occur? How is it conducted? Anyone out there know? Please advise. Thank you.

LD in Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 35 months ago

What's the company culture at JPMorgan Chase? - 147 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at JPMorgan Chase? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

tathigpen in Berwyn, Illinois

Updated 35 months ago

My experience with hiring process at JP Morgan Chase... - 1 Reply

Well, it all started on Sept 7th when I received an invitation (by phone and confirmed with instructions/directions on how to get there and who to...

joon in Flushing, New York

Updated 35 months ago

Personal banker position? - 718 Replies

I have recently applied for a personal banker position at Chase and have received a call back to schedule a time for a test. What exactly do they...

G in Austin, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

When I worked at Chase - 164 Replies

When I worked at the 72nd St branch of Chase I did some amazing things that were always downplayed by management because I was black. Had I been...

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